Electric car incentives: the Government evaluates an “anti-Chinese” system


We have known for some time that the Italian Government intends to review the incentive structure. Several members of the executive have more the desire to do so has been highlighted several times to implement some changes, especially to support national production. Now, a Reuters report which, however, must be taken with due caution, states that the Government is considering a new incentive mechanism which would take into account CO2 emissions in the #39;full life cycle of electric cars, including production and distribution.

This mechanism, inspired by the one adopted by France, would have the aim of protecting the national industry, discouraging purchases of models built in China. According to the report, the Italian Government deems a French-style incentive system reasonable and therefore the possibility of to adopt it.

Today, the incentive mechanism is based solely on the CO2 emissions of cars. With the new system, as mentioned at the beginning, other parameters such as the quantity of gas would also be taken into consideration when calculating emissions. of energy used to produce materials, assembly, transport of cars to the market, as well as such as the type of battery used.

These are criteria that on paper would significantly penalize models built in China given that the cars face long journeys by sea to reach Europe. Furthermore, many Chinese factories are still powered by energy from fossil fuels.

We cannot help but remember that France is has been harshly criticizedfor its new incentive mechanism which according to some violates the rules of the World Trade Organization. However, the French government moves forward. It will be adopted something similar in Italy too?

For the moment these are only some rumors reported by Reuters. If it really will be taken into consideration a similar path, we will soon find out since the more times is It was highlighted that a large part of the incentives went to vehicles built outside European borders and that we wanted to put a stop to this trend.

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