Italian car market: September 2023 closes positively with +22.8%


The month of September 2023 closed positively for the Italian car market. According to data communicated by UNRAE, in the month just ended, 136,283 cars were registered, equal to a growth of 22.8% compared to September 2022. Despite the good result, we are still 4.9% down on 2019, the year before the outbreak of the pandemic.

Looking at the numbers for the first 9 months of 2023, registrations were 1,176,882 , over 200,000 more cars for the period January-September 2022 (+20.6%). However, there are 300,000 fewer cars (-20.3%) compared to the same period in 2019.

According to UNRAE, the positive trend is also favored by the overcoming of the critical phase for production that has afflicted the car market since September 2021. This means that today even cars ordered several months ago and left awaiting delivery are being registered.

On Euro 7and the position of the European Council which voted for less restrictive rules, the president of UNRAE, Michele Crisci, commented:

UNRAE takes note of the important orientation expressed by the EU Council which has revised some provisions of the Commission proposal, recognizing the effectiveness of the tests currently in force and postponing the entry into force of the new legislation. The fact remains, however, that the application of the Regulation in question will entail however, huge investments for car manufacturers which are already strongly committed – on an economic, technological and, last but not least, environmental level – in the transition to decarbonisation and the achievement of the zero emissions objective envisaged by other European Regulations in force.

Michele Crisci, Furthermore, it renews the invitation to the Government to review the incentives to make them more usable.

It becomes more and more There is an urgent need for a timely and clear plan from the Government to determine the path that Italy intends to follow with a view to the green transition, reviewing the current system of incentives to make them more sustainable. usable, more aimed at European targets, useful for an accelerated renewal of the park, intended for all companies, reviewing the rules and recovering the residues of 2022 and those now almost consolidated of 2023.

SEPTEMBER 2023< p>Returning to the data for the month of September 2023, on the users front, private individuals obtain a 59.1% share. Car registrations almost doubled the volumes registered in the month, rising to a 12.6% share. Long-term rental, however, obtains a share of 20.8% with short-term rental stopping at 1.3% share. Finally, the companies obtain 6.2%.

Moving to food, the petrol engine rose by more than 2 points to 29.3% of the total in the month. Diesel, however, drops slightly and stops at 15.5% share. LPG grows in volume at 8% of the total, while methane stops at 0.1%. Hybrids are close to 40% of the total, with 11.0% for “full” ones. hybrid and 28.5% for “mild” hybrid. The share of BEVs fell by almost 1 point to 3.6% in September, while PHEVs stopped at 4.0%.

Speaking of Automotive groups , Stellantis closed the month of September with an increase of 24.06% (Alfa Romeo 2,187/+39.74%; Citroen 5,075/+5.86%; DS 487/+0.21%; Fiat 16,137/+13.07; Jeep 6,069/+109.42%; Lancia 3,790/+2.35%; Maserati 364/-13.13%; Opel 3,714/+3.39%; Peugeot 6,659/+62.22% ). The Volkswagen Group, however, obtained a +19.45% (Audi 5,513/+7.34%; Cupra 1,847/+44.86%; Lamborghini 23/-8%; Seat 1,010/+35.03%; Skoda 3,067/+20.84%; Volkswagen 10,124/+21.27%). Then we have the Renault Group with a growth of 26.92% (Dacia 6,441/+34.97%; Renault 6,755/+20.09%).

[Data source: UNRAE]

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