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Euro 7, the change in rules could save the future of city cars


With the advent of Euro 7, many car manufacturers had warned that the new emissions standards would could "condemn" some A and B segment models. Carlos Tavares, for example, had raised an alarm by stating that the new rules could have a significant impact on Italian production, with the Panda being at risk.< /p>

Also the CEO of Skoda, Klaus Zellmer, had raised an alarm about the impact of his company's production, stating that adapting the Fabia to the new emissions standards would lead to the car costing too much, making it much less attractive on the market. More in general, however, ACEA, the association representing European car manufacturers, had more repeatedly reiterated that with Euro 7, car costs would have risen by 2,000 euros, making many models, especially those in the A and B segments, much less attractive from a commercial point of view.

Now, however, with the European Union working to review the rules of Euro 7, to make them less severe, the scenario could change radically and city cars could be safe.

As Automotive News Europe reports, the position taken by the European Council should allow car manufacturers to continue producing the most affordable cars. small. Therefore, the EU would be moving in the right direction to remove some of pressure on car manufacturers.

There is even those who continue, however, to be skeptical like Transport & Environment which states that there is no no guarantee that brands will continue to invest in small cars given that the market, in general, is moving towards SUVs.


The revision of the European Commission's original proposal on Euro 7 could, therefore, ease the pressure on car manufacturers involved in the path that will lead to to electrification. However, although there is satisfaction, the road that will lead to the definitive approval of Euro 7 is still long and can anything can still happen.

It's true. that the European Council has expressed for a much larger position soft. However, the European Parliament has yet to express itself and it cannot be exclude the possibility of returning to the original rules. Moreover, Vavassori, president of Anfia, had underlined just a few days ago that the vote on Euro 7 had gone in the right direction but that it was too early to claim victory given that the path is still very complicated.

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