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Audi, recharge more? simple with Plug&Charge. Goodbye cards and apps | Video


Audi has a very ambitious electrification strategy that will bring it? to launch only new electric cars on the market starting from 2026. The house of the 4 rings is also working on creating a series of charging-related services to offer to its electric customers. The target ? that of simplifying the experience of energy supplies.


The German car manufacturer is moving on more? fronts, both to simplify charging at home and at public charging stations. For energy supplies at home, Audi offers the ?Home Check servicewhat can you do? request from dealerships. Will a technician come? in the customer's home for a check of the electrical system to evaluate the possibility to be able to recharge an electric or plug-in car. The employee will then illustrate the different charging options available, suggesting the best possible solution in terms of time and costs.

Furthermore, thanks to a partnership with Enel You can choose a JuiceBoxto be installed at home to recharge your car. As regards, however, energy supplies at public charging stations, the German company offers?Audi charging, a service that allows access to a vast network of charging points in 27 European countries, over 500 thousand< /strong>, directly from the myAudi app. Through this service it will be? Is it possible to refuel? also at the IONITY and Ewiva charging points, also with discounted rates.

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Talking about Ewiva, let us remember that the Volkswagen Group, of which Audi is part, has created this Joint Venture with Enel Audi has begun to introduce support for Plug&Charge technology on its range of electric cars.


We have talked about Plug&Charge several times and it is a solution that < strong>makes it much more? simple energy supplies. By connecting a compatible car with a charging station that supports this technology (IONITY and Ewiva), charging will start? immediately without the need to use apps and cards. Authentication occurs automatically thanks to a direct dialogue between the machine and the charging station via the cable.

Has Luigi had the opportunity to try the service? Plug&Chargeon the Audi Q4 e-tron which recently received an important update which introduced, among other things, support for this technical solution, to discover how charging is simplified, breaking down one of those walls that prevent many from even to think about buying an electric car.

To use this new possibility with the Audi Q4 e-tron? ? However, it is necessary to have a subscription to the Audi charging service.


This charging service, as mentioned at the beginning, allows you to access over 500 thousand charging points in 27 European countries using a single app or card.

There are 3 tariff plans that are offered: < strong>Basic, Plus and Pro. The Basic entry plan does not include any fees. This is a plan designed for those who charge mainly from home. From AC columns you will pay 0.70 euros per kWh, from DC/HPC columns 0.92 euros per kWh, while from IONITY columns 0.79 euros per kWh. The Plus plan, on the other hand, is created for those who make limited use of the public charging network. For a monthly fee of 4.99 euros, you will pay 0.65 euros per kWh from AC columns, 0.82 euros per kWh from DC/HPC columns and 0.79 euros per kWh from IONITY charging points.

Finally, the Pro plan has a monthly fee of 14.99 euros and ? It was designed for those who often use public charging stations, especially Fast ones when travelling. This tariff profile guarantees access to alternating current (AC) columns at a price of 0.61 euros per kWh, while from DC/HPC columns you will pay 0.76 euros per kWh. The plan provides a subsidized cost for IONITY and Ewiva (HPC) charging points equal to 0.50 euros per kWh. The monthly fee for the Pro plan? free for 12 months by purchasing a first-registered electric Audi model.

Activation of the Plug&Charge service from a compatible car must be done through the myAudi app and through the infotainment system.


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