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Volvo, StoreDot developer? batteries for new generation electric cars


Volvo is pursuing its ambitious electrification plan which will take it to become an electric-only brand by 2030. As we have seen, recently, the automaker announced that it will say goodbye to diesel engines already in 2024. The development of batteries is a very important part of his plan.

Precisely in this regard, StoreDot, an Israeli company that we have talked about several times and which is developing fast charging technology for car batteries electric, has signed an important multi-year agreement with Volvo. In detail, the company will work to develop new batteries that will be used on the automaker's future electric vehicles.

This collaboration will bring to the development of cells with XFC (Extreme Fast Charging) technology which will be optimized and adapted for use within the new architectures of Volvo electric vehicles. The first test samples are expected to be delivered next year.

The relationship between StoreDot and Volvo is not a long one. new. In fact, the car manufacturer is between the realities of the automotive sector to have invested in this Israeli company.

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We remind you that StoreDot is currently finalizing the development of the “100in5” batteries, so called why the company promises that they will allow you to recover 100 miles of autonomy in 5 minutes of charging. Accumulators that should be ready for mass production by 2024.

Precisely the aspect of fast charging is of great interest to car manufacturers. Overall, more than 15 car manufacturers are apparently interested in this technology and have tested the new batteries. Based on the road map provided in the past by StoreDot, after the “100in5”, the “100in3” battery should arrive in 2028. (100 miles in 3 minutes) and in 2032 the "100in2" (100 miles in 2 minutes). Finally, let us remember that the company it had also signed an agreement with Italvot to produce its batteries in the future factory that should be built in Italy.

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