Bentley Bentayga, even more? luxury and exclusivity? for the SUV


Bentley has announced the introduction of a series of new features for her Bentayga which make her even more exclusive. Recall that the SUV made its debut in 2020. Now, the English car manufacturer has expanded the possibilities of customization with the introduction of additional exterior colors, seven new satin paints and a new 21-inch wheel option in three different finishes.

Furthermore, new 21-inch wheel options have been introduced for this model. a new chassis technology, a new electrical architecture and further innovations. On the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase (long wheelbase), in particular, the s arrive4 steering wheelswhich improve handling and maneuverability. This system is now available as standard on both Bentayga Azure and "S" models, while it is optional on the rest of the range.


Since the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase was introduced in 2022, one in two customers chooses the Airline Seat specification which includes postural adjustment, seat climate control, adjustable cushion, reinforced backrest in the rear and electric headrests. Now, this technology is available as an option on all standard wheelbase Bentaygas.

Driver assistance functions have also been improved with the inclusion of Intelligent Park Assist (including remote parking), 3D Surround View and Emergency Assist. Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning and Bentley Safeguard have also been further optimised.

The instrument panel is also improved. been updated. Now, it offers three new graphics styles with an additional unique and specific style created for Bentayga. Furthermore, it also includes a real-time view of the road ahead, a 3D representation of detected objects (including an image of the Bentayga) and the status of driver assistance functions.

The Connected Car functions that the SUV offers now include remote park assist, which allows you to start and stop the engine and maneuver the car within a radius of 3.5 metres, via a smartphone.< /p>

As regards the comfort of the passenger compartment, it is The air conditioning has also been improved. In fact, we find a system that uses the sensor to measure the quality of the product. of air inside and outside the car. This data is displayed on the central infotainment screen and automatically activates the "mode" of recirculation” to prevent unpleasant and polluting odors from entering the passenger compartment.

Using the navigation map data, the system knows when the car is about to enter a tunnel. Ten seconds before entry, the system switches to mode of recirculationto prevent pollution from entering the passenger compartment.

Speaking strictly of the passenger compartment, the standard mats of all models have become more sustainable. The new carpet is now made from 100% recycled nylon and offers the same level of comfort and quality as of the previous carpets. The English brand has also introduced the new Bang & audio system Olufsen for Bentley.

The new Styling specification is introduced for the Bentayga EWB, which underlines its lines and uniqueness. A larger rear spoiler large lengthens the roof line and ensures greater stability. aerodynamics at speed. Everything is completed by carbon fiber rear-view mirrors and side sill profiles characterized by an external badge.

The Bentayga family is now composed of a range of 10 models, each with different characteristics, to offer a greater choice wide to customers. The flagship Bentayga Extended Wheelbase Mulliner sits at the top of the range. Customers who wish to focus on driving pleasure can instead choose the Bentayga S, which offers exceptional dynamic performance and boasts driving dynamics close to that of a grand tourer. For those who prioritize to well-being and comfort on board, the Azure range offers the perfect solution.

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