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Euro 7, Vavassori (Anfia): the "route? still very complicated”


The position adopted by the European Council on Euro 7 which, in fact, significantly modifies the European Commission's proposed regulation, has aroused many reactions in Italy. Alongside the satisfaction of the Government, there was Anfia also expressed it positively. However, the president Roberto Vavassoriurges caution given that the path to approval of the new emissions standard is still long.

The vote on Euro 7 is going in the desired direction but it is one stage, woe betide anyone who claims victory. The route is still very complicated. Parliament has yet to express its opinion.

The call for caution from the president of Anfia is correct. The process is still long and above all very complex and during the negotiation it can anything can still happen.

The worst thing that could happen in the next few weeks is that someone in the European Parliament wants to act as the executioner of the agreement laboriously found in the Council to bring the bar back to where it was when the Commission presented it. It's a risk that we must absolutely avoid because it would mean falling back into the tribalism we experienced in the days of dieselgate.

In any case, for Anfia we are moving in the right direction. The original Euro 7 proposal was too restrictive and would have damaged the automotive sector. The compromise position approved by the European Council, however, is much more balanced. The change of direction, Anfia underlines, gives hope that in Europe we can discuss and decide without ideologies.

The pragmatic and rational approach that Italy and the other Member States have adopted in dealing with such a dossier important for the European automotive supply chain, it brings back the hope that in Europe it is possible to discuss and decide without ideologies. In this sense, the Italian Government, and in particular MIMIT, must be recognized for the tenacity of an important leadership maintained in all the negotiation phases on priority issues for our industry.

We remember that the The European Council proposes to maintain the existing test conditions and emission limits (as established in the Euro 6 regulation) for M1 and N1 vehicles (private cars and vans). Furthermore, the text strengthens the alignment of limits on brake particle emissions and tire abrasion rate with international standards adopted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

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