Chery, the Chinese brand is preparing to land in Germany


The Chinese brand Chery is preparing to also land in Germany as part of the its expansion plan. According to a report by the German newspaper Wirtschaftswoche, after entering the markets of Spain, Mexico, Israel, Turkey, Kuwait, Australia and New Zealand, the Chinese car manufacturer will bring its brands Omoda, Jaecoo and Exlantix in Germany.


Apparently, Chery will not focus on only on electric models but will offer also cars with endothermic engines. According to what was said, she will leave from next spring when it will be launched the Omoda 5 SUV, first with an internal combustion engine and then with an electric powertrain. More a Plug-in version could also arrive ahead.

The Jaecoo 7 SUV and the larger SUV will also arrive in Germany. great Jaecoo 8. Is not serious; It is clear with which engines they will be offered but it is They are likely to be offered with units at first. endothermic. More Plug-ins could come later. At a later date, Chery will introduce also the Exlantix brand which offers 100% electric vehicles.

In particular, the E0Y SUV and the E03 sedan should arrive. Both are only about 4.9 meters long and have a 64 kWh battery (430 km of autonomy) or 82 kWh (over 500 km). Furthermore, there is already talk of a version with a higher autonomy (more than 700 km) thanks to a new battery supplied by CATL.

According to the report, if Chery were to manage to carve out its own space in the within the German market, it could decide to produce its cars directly within this country. Negotiations with local manufacturers on production facilities are reportedly already underway. in progress. We remind you that Chery is working on the debut in Italy where the Omoda 5 and Jaecoo 7 models will soon arrive.

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