Volkswagen cuts production of two electric models. Decreasing demand


Volkswagen has announced that it will taglier? temporarily the productionof the electric Volkswagen ID.3 and Cupra Born models in its factories in Zwickau and Dresden in Germany. According to what Automotive News Europe reports, from 2 to 13 October, the production of the two models in the Zwickau plant will be? reduced.?The production of the ID.3 in Dresden, however, will be? suspended from October 2nd and will resume? on October 16.

The reasons for this decision by Volkswagen? The problem would concern a drop in demand for its electric models. Is this a problem we already have? talked about recently. The German company, in fact,? grappling with a contraction in orders for its battery-powered models depends on a number of factors. On the one hand there is the greatest competition brought by Tesla. At the same time, in Germany there is been a remodulation of incentiveswhich led to the exclusion of the fuck channel. Consequently, there is there was a decline in orders from companies.

The reduction in orders of its electric models it already had? led Volkswagen to make some production decisions. In fact, he already had decided to reduce the workforce at the Zwickau plantwhich today is not working at full capacity, where, among others, the Volkswagen?ID.4, ID.5, the Audi Q4 e-tron and Sportback e-tron are produced. Are the staff cuts already underway? started, starting with 269 workers with fixed-term contracts.

As regards Dresden, however, there would even be doubts about its future. Recently yes? started talking about the possibility? that the German company could end up completely stopping car production. The Dresden site could be sacrificed as part of a plan to overhaul the German group's factories. The factory, however, would not be closed. In fact, if we arrive? really at the stop of car production, the plans would be to proceed with a reconversion.

We can't do anything but wait and see how it evolves? this situation and what other decisions will you make? the German company.

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