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Dear fuel, the Government gives the green light to the micro bonus


Yesterday evening, the Council of Ministers approved a legislative decree which introduces urgent measures regarding energy, interventions to support purchasing power and protect savings. Among these, there is also a micro bonus against expensive fuel. We already had this initiative spoken a few times in the last few days and already we knew that it would be an extremely limited measure, designed only for the less well-off segment of the population.

In fact, the bonus is intended to be loaded onto the “Dedicated to you” social card, the 382.50 euro prepaid payment card launched in July and intended for families with ISEE of less than 15 thousand euros. The Government has allocated 100 million euros for this measure.

Furthermore, the benefit of reducing electricity and gas bills is integrated with an extraordinary contribution to heating costs for the months of October, November and December 2023 and allows the use of the social card (currently used for the purchase of foodstuffs from families with ISEE up to 15 thousand euros) also for the purchase of fuel: for this purpose the resources allocated to the social card have increased by 100 million euros.

Although there was persistent talk of an bonus of 80 euros per month, the amount has yet to be officially decided. In fact, it will arrive within 30 days. a specific law decree in which it will be specified the amount of the bonus for each individual family unit.

Within thirty days of the entry into force of this provision, by decree of the Minister of Business and Made in Italy, in agreement with the Minister of Economy and Finance and with the Minister of Agriculture, Sovereignty and food and forestry, the following are established: the amount of the additional benefit for each individual family unit; the methods and the conditions of accreditation of companies authorized to sell fuel that adhere to plans to contain pump price costs.


With the officialization of this micro bonus against expensive fuel, the first reactions have arrived. In particular, criticism came from the President Fegica (petrol station union), Roberto Di Vincenzo.

The petrol bonus, which in itself is itself appears to be less than a tip even for the less well-off, it will be mostly inaccessible to workers on fixed incomes and pensioners above the minimum, largely ending up being collected by rich owners of luxury cars who know well how to hide their debts from the tax authorities. themselves and their ISEE. What is the worse it is that the provision will not have no calming effect on fuel prices, exactly as it is already occurred with the average price cartel, recognized by all as a flop.

Di Vincenzo also added that the unforeseen increased VAT revenue could have been used to cut excise duties by 1.5 cents/l until the end of the year.

It's not a question of intervene to support this poor or rich person. We are in the midst of a national economic emergency which requires, in addition to everything else, direct Government intervention on the price and, therefore, inevitably on excise duties, the only lever currently available, given that we have no tools to carry out reclamation operations nor on OPEC, nor on speculation in international financial markets. Using the increased unexpected VAT revenue resulting from the increase in prices to cut excise duties by at least 1.5 cents/litre between now and the end of the year is not a good idea. only possible, but it is already state law, as well as as envisaged by the Budget approved by the Government at the beginning of 2023.

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