Milan Area B and C, exemptions for Euro 5 diesels extended


The Municipality of Milan has decided to extend some exemptions for access to Area B and Area C. Specifically, the Council decided that the accompanying measures granted to some categories subject to entry bans and close to the deadline set for 30 September, will receive an extension so as not to penalize those who already have a process of replacing polluting private vehicles has been started.


Some news of Area B and Area C starting from October 1st we already have spoken in the past. This new intervention by the Municipality comes at a time when there is still much debate about the choices of the Council. In any case, the new decision concerns owners of a Euro 5 diesel vehiclewho already have signed (by March 31st of this year) a long-term purchase, leasing or rental contract for the scrapping of the old vehicle. Now, they will be able to circulate in Area B until the arrival of the new car, in any case no later than June 2024.

The Municipality adds that the same conditions will be recognized for Euro 5 diesel vehicles used for taxi or to the rental service with driver. The Administration, in fact, will provide to automatically extend the exemptions already granted to 30 June 2024. requests that expire on September 30th.

Another new feature: concerns Euro 5 diesel vehicles used in car pooling and regularly registered on the dedicated platforms. For these vehicles, the ban on access and circulation in Area B is postponed to 30 September 2024. The same extension will also apply to workers who use a Euro 5 diesel for the home/work journey between 9pm and 7am on morning; employees of the Armed Forces, Police Forces, Fire Brigade, Civil Protection and Bailiffs; driving schools, sales agents and artisans; doctors of “general medicine” and “family pediatricians” in home visits; volunteers on night duty at recognized social and health care institutions based within the Municipality.

On top of all this, it will be the possibility of to enter Area B to go to the Lampugnano, Forlanini and Rogoredo interchange car parks for all holders of monthly and annual season tickets. To take advantage of the benefits you need to: However, it is essential to make a request on the Area B platform and complete the online procedure before accessing the ZTL.

What's new? also for owners of Euro 5 diesel carswith ISEE less than 20 thousand euros. The Municipality will grant another thirty days of entry into Area B in addition to the exemption days (25 for residents, 5 for non-residents) usable in the period between 1st October 2023 and September 30, 2024.

However, as regards Area C, the measures adopted will allow residents in possession of a Euro 5 diesel vehicle who already have signed (by 15 September 2022) a purchase contract against the scrapping of the old vehicle, to be able to circulate in Area C until the arrival of the new car, in any case no later than June 2024. The same will apply for Euro 5 diesels used for taxi service or rental service with driver.

Also for vehicles intended for the transport of people (M2 and M3) not used for public transport and for vehicles intended for the transport of goods (N1, N2, N3) whose owners are in possession of a purchase, leasing or long-term rental contract deadline signed by 31 December 2023 for the replacement of the old vehicle, is the postponement of the ban from 1st December was recognized October 2023 until the delivery of the new vehicle, in any case no later than 30 June 2024.

Finally, the resolution of the Council establishes that from 1 October 2023 theobligation of a sticker for the reporting the presence of the blind spot will concern also M2 vehicles (vehicles intended for the transport of people, having more than eight seats in addition to the driver's seat and a maximum mass not exceeding 5 tonnes) and N2 (vehicles intended for the transport of goods, having a maximum mass exceeding 3 .5 tons but not exceeding 12 tons).

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