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Audi Vehicle Safety Center: new crash test center


Audi has created a new crash test center inside the park technological IN-Campus in Ingolstadt. This is an investment of over 100 million euros for passive safety. It is called Audi Vehicle Safety Center and can rely on cutting-edge technologies for crash tests.


The structure, destined to become the most important Audi development center for passive safety, will occupy around 100 employeesand will cover all current test scenarios, going well beyond the safety requirements established by international standards. For Audi, safety is a priority absolute and for this very reason he created this system which is capable of handling more crash test, both quantitatively and qualitatively, compared to the previous structure.

The new Vehicle Safety Center is more extensive, with a central area of ​​130 x 110 meters and a height of 20 metres. The impact area of ​​50 x 50 meters is accompanied by opposing run-up tracks with a total length of 250 meters which allow tests to be carried out at high speeds. higher than current standards. An additional lane allows for right-angle impacts between vehicles. Audi, on its new structure, says:

100 ton impact block can be moved and rotated, allowing for a wide diversification of crash tests. The so-called “flying floor" allows vehicles to be projected laterally against obstacles. Seat belt management systems and airbags are being developed even further. efficient thanks to a specific “slide” for controlled impacts, while high-speed cameras and advanced LED lighting systems facilitate the work of teams. Laboratories for dummies, test benches for individual components, workshops and offices complete the structure.

Over 60 mannequins of various types are used in the new test area, ranging from the size of an 18-month-old child to that of an adult weighing over 100 kg. The THOR series dummies use up to 150 sensors to collect data during tests, while high-speed cameras they meticulously record the sequence of events and the 3D scans digitally process the post-impact deformations.

Thanks to the new Audi Vehicle Safety Center is It is possible to simulate almost every type of accident, be it impacts with pedestrians or frontal and lateral collisions. Every month, Audi specialists carry out tens of thousands of simulations before building a prototype. Over 60,000 calculations are carried out for the bodywork design alone, covering 100 different load hypotheses. The new Audi IT Center, also close to the IN-Campus, plays a decisive role in this regard.

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