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Peugeot e-5008, new road tests for the electric SUV. Spy photo


Peugeot debuted its new e-3008 electric SUV only about ten days ago but it is already ; working on a new battery-powered SUV. We are talking about the Peugeot e-5008 which should be launched next year. The new generation of the 5008 will be However, it is also offered with endothermic engines.

Now, new spy photos have arrived which show the electric model of the new French SUV.


The forklift obviously features extensive camouflage with films covering the shapes of the car. Compared to previous spy photos of the endothermic model, these new ones show a car that differs above all in the presence of a closed front. As we know, electric cars have different cooling needs since there is no cooling in front. the combustion engine. The overall look appears boxy and it looks like the new model may have grown slightly in size. However, the proportions do not seem to differ too much from those of the current model.

The new generation of the 5008 will continue to be offered with a passenger compartment capable of accommodating up to 7 passengers. The forklift featured in the spy photos also features alloy wheels which have a design very similar to that of the wheels seen on the new e-3008.

The photos do not show the interior and therefore it is not possible to take a peek into the cockpit. However, as on the e-3008, the e-5008 will also be present the new Panoramic i-Cockpit, evolution of the i-Cockpit. As far as mechanics are concerned, the electric SUV will be based on on the STLA Medium platform of the Stellantis Group which debuted on the e-3008.

So, it is It is possible that the new e-5008 could have the same powertrain as the e-3008. This means powers between 157 and 240 kW and batteries with a capacity of up to 98 kWh. Surely there will be way to learn more given that the debut is still a little bit away; of time.

[Spy photo: CarScoops]

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