Fiat 600e, here's how the new electric B-SUV goes | Video


With the Fiat 600e, the car manufacturer aims to be a protagonist in the B segment which in Italy is very popular. We've talked a lot about this new B-SUV and, now, Luigi has had the opportunity to try it to find out how it rides and how it behaves on the road.

The new electric is available in two versions: Fiat 600e La Prima and Fiat (600e)RED.

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Let us briefly recall the main features of the new Fiat 600e. The B-SUV measures4,171 mm long x 1,781 mm wide x 1,523 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,562 mm. The trunk has a capacity of of 360 litres. For the style of its new model, the car manufacturer has drawn heavily from that of the electric 500.

As with the exteriors, the interiors also reflect the style of the electric 500. However, there are also some similarities with those of the Jeep Avenger. Behind the steering wheel we find the 7-inch digital instrument screen, while centrally on the dashboard is the present the 10.25-inch display of the Uconnect infotainment system which offers support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

From a technical point of view, the B-SUV features the well-known powertrain that the Stellantis Group is using on several new battery-powered models. It is a single 115 kW (156 HP) electric motor with 260 Nm of torque powered by a battery with a capacity of 54 kWh (51 kWh usable) capable of offering 406-409 km of autonomy (WLTP). The new Fiat 600e is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 9 seconds.

Speaking of charging, the accumulator is capable of supplying alternating current energy up to 11 kW. In direct current, however, up to 100 kW.

  • (AC 3.7kW – 0-100%) 16h10min
  • (AC 11kW – ​​0-100%) 5h45 min
  • (DC 100kW – 20-80%) 27 min


The priceof Fiat's turnkey list (600e)RED is of 35,950 euros (29,950 euros thanks to promotions and state incentives in the event of scrapping), while for the top of the range Fiat 600e La Prima the price list is of 40,950 euros. Both models are compatible with state incentives (up to 5,000 euros with scrapping).

Fiat announces that for the launch and until September 30th, it is An offer has been prepared, in collaboration with Stellantis Financial Services, which includes a rate of 3.99% to access Fiat (600e)RED which can be driven starting from 199 euros per month with Easy Wallbox included and maximum flexibility: already after 12 months you can choose whether to keep it or switch to a new Fiat.

The new 600e (RED) List price 35,950 euros (IPT and ELT contribution excluded), promo with state incentive 30,549 euros with Easy Wallbox included in the financing. Down payment of 7,342 euros. 35 installments of 199 euros plus final installment of 19,658.9 euros (equal to the Guaranteed Future Value). TAN (fixed) 3.99%, APR 5.04%. The customer will be able to choose to replace the vehicle at the 12th month and 24th month; at 36° month may decide to replace, return or keep the vehicle. In this last case it will be payment of the Final Residual Installment is due.


In 2024 it will arrive also available in dealerships is the hybrid version of the Fiat 600 which will have of a 1.2-liter 3-cylinder engine capable of delivering 100 HP combined with a 48 V lithium-ion battery and the new 6-speed dual-clutch electric gearbox which includes the 21 kW electric motor, an inverter and the unit transmission center. Prices from 24,950 euros.


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