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Opel Crossland, towards the new generation. Spy photo


Opel is continuing the development tests of the second generation of the Crossland whose debut is expected during 2024. Model that will be proposed both with endothermic engines and in a 100% electric variant. Now, a new SUV mule is was intercepted during a classic road testing session. Obviously, the car is still heavily camouflaged with films and false elements to hide the details of the new design.

The model protagonist of the spy photos is; the electric one and to make it clear there are a series of orange stickers. Some, in particular, have the shape of a lightning bolt and have the words "energy" to underline that it is a battery-powered car.

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From what we can tell looking up to this moment, it seems that the new Opel Crossland will have of more forms angular compared to those of the current model. Furthermore, it appears that there will be a slight increase in size to the advantage of space inside the passenger compartment. The new model will have of the classic aesthetic traits that characterize the latest Opel vehicles starting from the Vizor, the characteristic black grille that groups together the LED headlights. Furthermore, the new logo of the car manufacturer should also be present on this model.

The spy photos do not show the interior. However, a wealth of technological equipment should not be missing, with digital instruments and a large display for the infotainment system. As regards the mechanics, as mentioned at the beginning, in addition to the electric version, Opel will propose endothermic variants.

Speaking of the battery model, we will probably find the well-known powertrain from the Stellantis Group that we already have seen on several new models. This is the 115 kW (156 HP) engine powered by a battery with a capacity of of 54 kWh (51 kWh usable) which will allow an autonomy of approximately 400 km. As regards endothermic models, it is It is possible that the new Opel Crossland will have the same units. Mild Hybrid petrol with 100 HP and 136 HP which debuted on the recent restyling of the Opel Corsa.

The launch still has some time to go and therefore further information will certainly emerge over the next few months which will allow us to better understand what path Opel is following for the development of this new model.

[Spy photo: CarScoops]

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