Marelli, the Crevalcore factory nearing closure. 230 employees at risk


Marelli's Crevalcore (Bologna) plant is moving towards closure. Approximately 230 jobs are at risk as a result of this decision. The company, in fact, has made it known that the activities of the plant are expected to finish early next year, with part of the production being moved to the Bari factory.

The reason for this decision? First of all the negative result of the year. In fact, there is talk of a loss of around 6 million euros mainly due to the increase in the cost of energy. Secondly, the choice to close the plant derives from the negative dynamics of the company's activities. related to the internal combustion engine. Today, the capacity utilization rate is productive is at 45% but the company he expects it to fall by up to 20% by 2027.

We would like to remind you that intake manifolds and die-cast aluminium for internal combustion engines are now produced inside the Crevalcore plant. This system, therefore, discounts the transition process towards mobility electricthat you will see more and more decreasing requests for components for internal combustion engines and the lack of a reconversion policy.

Negative economic result and increase in the cost of energy, as well as a negative dynamic of the activities linked to the internal combustion engine which today leads to a use of 45% of the capacity production of the group and which would decrease year after year until reaching 20% ​​in 2027 and disappearing in 2030. This yes translated into a contraction in turnover of over 30% from 2017 to today and a constant loss in terms of profitability.


Obviously, the news of the closure of the plant sparked a real storm with the unions who defined Marelli's decision as unacceptable. Furthermore, they accuse the company of of not having planned any investments for the transition to electricity.

The unions also point the finger at the Government, highlighting the lack of an industrial policydedicated to the automotive sector. Without a strategy, for the unions, the closure of Crevalcore could only be the first of a long series. For September 22nd it is An 8-hour strike was also called throughout the Marelli group to ask the company to review its decision to close the plant.

&` We have been asking for conversions for the factories linked to the combustion engine for some time, without which the closure of Crevalcore will be only the first of a long series, so as we ask to concentrate public resources on the levers that can safeguard and relaunch the export industry. &` on these priorities that the interest of the Ministry of Made in Italy and Business must be concentrated, transforming the declarations of principle on the automotive sector into concrete actions. To ask Marelli to withdraw the decision to close the Crevalcore factory and to ask the Government to convene a discussion table, permanent mobilization is proclaimed in Crevalcore and eight hours of strike throughout the group on Friday. 22 September.

Marelli, who has started a dialogue with trade union organizations and institutions to identify the best possible solution for this situation, has however reiterated that Italy remains central in its strategy, because an important center for engineering, research and development and an important production hub.

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