Fiat, with the electric Panda aims to cause problems? the Chinese


The future electric Fiat Panda will be a car with which the car manufacturer aims to put in difficulty the Chinese. The CEO of Fiat, Olivier François, it is returned to talk about this model in an interview with La Repubblica. According to the number one Italian manufacturer, the new electric Panda will be a car less rich and more essential, like that of the 80s. Therefore, it will be about of a sort of return to origins. The goal is is to propose a model that really poses difficulties the Chinese. Speaking about the right car to compete with China, Olivier François says:

My thoughts turn to the Panda. We have to think about that. To an electric Panda that re-proposes the same principles as the origins. Fiat can and must develop a solution that puts the system in difficulty. the Chinese. The 120 concept goes in the same direction. A less rich, more essential, where the contribution, following the “lessi is more” style and strategy, thanks to great Italian design, reproduces what is was the iconic Panda in an electric version, less expensive than the others, to be built in Europe if not in Italy.


So, Fiat's number one even mentions to the possibility that the new electric Panda can also be built in Italyeven if it isn't clear which establishment can be chosen. However, it seems clear that the car manufacturer believes a lot in this new model which should be unveiled in 2024. Then a further new product defined as “unexpected” will arrive in 2025.

All that remains, therefore, is to wait for news. on this new car to better understand what Fiat's plans are. Olivier François then spoke about the electric car market in Italy which is struggling while in Europe it is doing very well.

When we left there was movement throughout the Old Continent, fervor, including incentives, infrastructure plans for charging stations and campaigns that underlined the importance of the transition. This in Italy is failed. There is it was a fracture. So in Europe growth is of 60%, in Germany it reaches 70 and in France 30 and electric now represents 15% of the market. And the 800 thousand cars sold since the beginning of the year prove the choices made right.

For Olivier François it is essentially a political problem. p>

It is It's easy to make electric an unpopular thing, to say that it is dear, which complicates life, which serves no purpose. If, however, you take the path of transition you have to question your habits, but in all countries there are plans to do so. We hope that even in Italy, where we now sell less than in Europe due to the lack of adequate incentives, the trend will be reversed.

For the CEO of Fiat 3 things are needed to changing direction in Italy: adjustment of government support for the sale of electric cars, development of a plan for charging infrastructure and a change of approach that is more positive towards the transition.

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