United Kingdom, the stop on the sale of petrol and diesel cars could be postponed to 2035


The English Prime Minister Rishi Sunak would have decided to postpone some of the country's environmental objectives, implementing a significant change of course compared to the commitments made by the Johnson government. Among these would be the postponement of the date of the stop on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars. As we know, the ban on endothermics was set for 2030.

Now, we are thinking of postponing it to 2035, effectively aligning the United Kingdom with the European Union. The current 2030 target, we recall, was introduced in 2020 as a central part of the plans of the then Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The original proposal envisaged that Plug-in hybrid cars (specifically, vehicles that can travel a “significant distance” without emitting polluting emissions) could still be sold until the end of 2034.

The BBC reported that British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will hold a speech in the coming days that would contain a series of announcements on the easing of several government policies on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The prime minister, however, has already made it known that the Government will continue to commit to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, but in a better and more sustainable way. proportionate.

I am proud that Britain is a world leader on climate change. We are committed to achieving zero emissions by 2050 and confirm the agreements we have made internationally, but we will do it in a better and more sustainable way. proportionate.

The English Government, therefore, would like to follow a more realistic and pragmaticto climate change, also given the current economic situation of the country. As mentioned at the beginning, the news they should not only concern the ban on endothermics but also other environmental objectives such as the gradual elimination of gas boilers and a review of some limits on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Choices that the English Government would like to make so as not to pass the costs on to families. If we know more in a few days when the prime minister will hold his speech. The BBC also said that Sunak would call for a speech in his next speech. other countries to take on a greater burden in managing climate change.

Obviously there was no shortage of controversy, even starting from within the majority party itself. The accusation claims that this move is only a way to regain consensus, forgetting, for example, that many car companies already have planned their investments based on the 2030 objective.

Precisely in this regard, BMW, Ford and Jaguar Land Rover have asked the Government for clarity. Ford also said that abandoning the 2030 deadline would be a mistake and implied that this would be a mistake. could put further investments at risk. The house of the blue oval already has invested 430 million pounds (496 million euros) in its facilities in the United Kingdom and said it planned further investments to adapt to the 2030 timeline.

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