Ewiva introduces Plug&Charge to its HPC charging network


Ewiva, the joint venture of Enel >simplify the use of your charging infrastructure. Recently, the company’s has expanded its pilot project which provides the possibility to be able to pay for the top-up with a credit/debit card in some stations.

Now, Ewiva announces that it has introduced the functionality Plug&Charge on all its HPC charging stations in Italy.


Of the functionality Plug&Charge we talked about it more times and, as we know, it allows you to make being full of energy very simple. How does it work? Once you reach the HPC charging station,it is simply detach the connector from the column and connect it to the vehicle: the charging station automatically recognizes the car and the user profile connected to it, and automatically starts charging in a few seconds. To finish the charging operation, however, you have to simply press the stop button on the column, disconnect the connector from the car, place it in the appropriate location and set off again. Therefore, no need of having to use cards or apps.

In order to take advantage of this functionality is However, it is necessary to have a car that supports Plug&Charge such as the Hyundai IONIQ 6, Volkswagen ID.3 (restyling), various electric models from Mercedes and others.

At the same time, Ewiva adds that it is working to further expand the experimentation for top-up payment by credit/debit card. We remind you that the objective of the joint venture is that of having 3 thousand charging points of up to 350 kW in 800 sites by 2025. Federico Caleno, CEO of Ewiva and Head of Country Italy of Enel commented:

Ewiva's commitment to the development of mobility Electricity in Italy depends not only on the extension of the high-power charging infrastructure from the North to the South of the country, but also on the capacity to offer new services to e-drivers that make the experience of traveling in electric vehicles increasingly more simple and accessible to all. The functionality Plug&Charge and the possibility to pay for the top-up by card and enable the network to use various payment circuits, in fact, they respond to multiple top-up needs and broaden accessibility. of the service.

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