European car market, August 2023 still positive: electrics surpass diesels


In August 2023, the European car market closed once again with the positive sign. This is the thirteenth consecutive month of growth. Furthermore, once again, the market share of BEV electric cars has surpassed that of diesel models.

By moving further into the market, in detail, in the European Union 787,626 cars were registered equal to a growth of 21% compared to the month of August 2022 (650,806). There were double-digit percentage increases in most EU markets, including the three largest. large: Germany (+37.3%), France (+24.3%) and Italy (+11.9%).

Also including the United Kingdom and the EFTA countries, in August there were a total of 904,509 registrations, equal to a growth of 20.7% compared to the previous year. Looking at the results of the first 8 months of the year, there were 7,078,464 cars registered in the European Union. Compared to the same period in 2022, this is a growth of 17.9%. Despite the positive trend, we are still far from the approximately 9 million registrations of the period before the pandemic.


The month of August 2023 is was very positive for electric carswhose market share exceeded, for the first time, 20% (21% exactly). Last year, the market share was 11.6%. As mentioned at the beginning, this is the second time in 2023 that BEVs have outperformed diesel models. Overall, there were 165,165 units registered (+118.1%).

With the exception of Malta (-22.6%), all EU markets recorded double and triple-digit percentage growth, with Germany being the largest market. large in terms of volume, up 170.7%. From January to August, almost one million 100% electric cars were registered.

The new registrations of Plug-in carsin the EU they grew by 5.5% in August 2023, for a total of 58,557 units. Contributing to this result was the good performance of sales in Holland (+44.7%), France (+40.5%) and Sweden (+24.9%) which contributed to offsetting the decline in Germany (-41, 1%), the largest market great for PHEV models. Despite this growth, the market share of Plug-in cars is dropped from 8.5% to ​​7.4%.

As regards hybrids, registrations in the European Union rose by 29%, thanks above all to growth in three of the four main markets: Germany (+59%), France (+38.7%) and Spain (+21.5%). In Italy, however, there is was a decline of 2.3%. The market share in the month is by 23.9%. Since the beginning of the year, almost 1.8 million hybrid cars have been registered.

Speaking of “traditional” engines, the registrations of petrol carsthey rose by 2.1% even though the market share is dropped from 38.7% to 32.7%. Petrol models performed well especially in Italy (+25.3%) and France (+21.5%).

On the contrary, the EU diesel car market has its decline continued in August (-6%), despite growth in Germany (+9.2%) and in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, in particular Slovakia (+22.6%) and Romania (+19.4%). Diesel cars now hold a market share of 12.5%, down from 16.1% in August 2022.

Talking, finally, about Automotive groups

strong>, again at European Union level, the Volkswagen Group closed with growth of 21.2% (Volkswagen +10.1%; Skoda +23.3%; Audi +23.9%; Seat +42.3 %; Cupra +84.9%; Porsche +24.9%). Followed by Stellantis with +6.4% (Peugeot +3.3%; Fiat +3.4%; Opel +7.0%; Citroen – 2.3%; Jeep +104.4%; DS +28, 8%; Alfa Romeo +13%; Lancia/Chrysler -12%) and the Renault Group with an increase of 22.3% (Renault +40.7%; Dacia +7.6%; Alpine +9.6%) .

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