Ford Ranger, the new Plug-in Hybrid version is official


Ford expands the range of its Ranger pickup in Europe with a Plug-in version. To see it on the road, however, you will need wait some more time. In fact, production will start at the end of 2024 with deliveries expected in early 2025. Meanwhile, the automaker has provided the very first information on the new model. More details will be communicated later. Next.

engine and autonomy in electric

According to what the car manufacturer said, the new Ranger Plug-in Hybrid will be able to count on a powertrain made up of a four-cylinder EcoBoost engine with a 2.3-litre displacement combined with a electric. Nothing is been said about the system power and pickup performance.

Ford therefore did not want to reveal the technical specifications but promised that thanks to the Plug-in system, this model will be able to count on “more’ pair than any other Ranger.” No details on the battery either. However, the manufacturer has made it known that the pickup will be able to travel in mode electric over 45 km according to the WLTP cycle (values ​​still estimated).

The Plug-in model will also have of the same capacity towing capacity (3,500 kg)of endothermic models. Among the new features which will bring the new Ranger Plug-in Hybrid, the Pro Power Onboard system that allows people to power their electrical devices through a power socket present both in the cargo floor and in the passenger compartment, taking advantage of the energy present in the battery. This is a useful solution especially in the workplace.

Obviously, like the other versions of the Ranger, this one also has all-wheel drive and various modes. driving. To support the additional weight of the hybrid system, Ford modified the chassis and suspension. The model will be It is also equipped with geofencing technology, thanks to which it will detect automatically when entering a low-emission zone to automatically switch to emission mode. electric only.

Ford has not revealed the prices of this new version of its pickup.

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