Tesla, produced 5 million electric cars


Tesla announced on February 17 that it had produced its 5 millionth electric car . The automaker spent 12 years in business to build its first million vehicles (a milestone reached at the beginning of 2020) and we are well aware of the difficulties that it had to face when it started producing the Model 3 on a large scale. Now, however, things are very different and only about 6 months ago Elon Musk's company announced its 4 million electric car.

Tesla is today the most largest electric car manufacturer in the world and its current production rate is progressively approaching two million units per year. At the current rate of production, it is It is possible that the goal of 6 million electric cars could already be reached. achieved in the first months of 2024.

Car number 5 million is a Tesla Model 3 which is was produced inside the Shanghai Gigafactory which for Tesla is today its most large production site. Furthermore, it is also an important hub for exports given that the cars built in this factory are then also sent to other countries.

Tesla has recently renewed the Model 3 and the first Cybertrucks should soon start arriving on the road. The arrival of the new electric pickup could give a further boost to the car manufacturer's overall production. Furthermore, let's remember that Tesla already has plans to build a factory in Mexico and is already underway looking around for possible new production sites.

Currently, the capacity of production at Tesla's Gigafactories is the following, according to the latest data from the automaker:

  • Fremont Gigafactory: 100,000 Model S/Model X
  • Fremont Gigafactory: 550,000 Model 3/Model Y
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  • Shanghai Gigafactory: over 750,000 Model 3/Model Y
  • Berlin Gigafactory: 375,000 Model Y
  • Texas Gigafactory: over 250,000 Model Y
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