New Highway Code, the main innovations? of the reform


The Council of Ministers has approved the text of the DDL and the enabling law for the amendments to the Code of the roadand new rules on road safety. At the end of June, a starting text was approved which, after a series of refinements proposed by the Unified State-Regions Conference, is returned to the Council of Ministers for the final approval. The process, however, is not yet concluded. In fact, the parliamentary passage is still missing. In court, if there are no delays, the decree should arrive in October.

Among the new features: of the highway code there is the stop to wild speed cameras and more sanctions heavy for those who use cell phones while driving and for those who exceed the speed limits; and it is repeat offender.


Let us now summarize the main news which introduces the new highway code.

Speed ​​cameras

Let's start with the speed cameras. To regulate their use, we are moving towards a stringent definition of the technical specifications of the devices and their positioning. The objective, as we know, is avoid that these tools are used only to make money.

Speed ​​limits

At the request of the mayors, it is a tightening of the administrative fine of up to 1,084 euros has been proposed. Furthermore, it is It has also been proposed that the license be suspended from 15 to 30 days in the event that “the same person commits a violation of speed limits”. within the town center at least twice within a year”.

Use of mobile phone while driving

Higher fines salty for those who will be caught using a cell phone while driving (calling or texting). We go from the 165-660 euro range to 422-1,697 euros with the addition of the suspension of the driving license from fifteen days to two months from the first violation. In case of repeat offenses within the two-year period, "in addition to the additional sanction of suspension of the driving license from one to three months, already provided for by the code currently in force, is the payment of a sum from 644 to 2,588 euros is expected, in addition to a deduction of points from the driving licence: 8 in the event of a first violation and 10 points for the second”.

Driving while intoxicated or after taking narcotics

Anyone found driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs risks having their license revoked for up to 3 years. For repeat offenders, it is It is forbidden to consume alcohol before driving. The permitted blood alcohol limit is lowered to 0 g/l, for all others the limit is 0.5. As regards drugs, the suspicion that drugs have been taken is enough to trigger the immediate withdrawal of the driving licence.

Mandatory alcohol lock

Always linked to the theme of who is been caught driving while intoxicated, alcohol-lock becomes mandatory, i.e. a device that blocks the engine and prevents the car from starting if someone is behind it. when behind the wheel he has a blood alcohol level above zero. The device must be installed in the car at your own expense.

Lifetime revocation of the license

The reform of the highway code also provides for the lifetime revocation of the driving license in the event of very serious crimes being committed behind the wheel. We talk, for example, about “pirate” motorists. who flee after having committed a road accident.

Fines for parking in disabled spaces

Penalties for those who stop or park in spaces dedicated to disabled people have also been tightened. For mopeds and motorbikes the range goes from 80-328 euros to 165-660 euros. For cars, vans and other vehicles, the range goes from 165-660 euros to 330-990 euros.

Parking prohibited at the bus stop

The penalties for those who parking in the lanes reserved for buses and all local public transport vehicles. For mopeds and motorbikes the range goes from 41-168 euros to 87-328 euros. For all other vehicles the range goes from 87-344 euros to 165-660 euros.

Limits for new drivers

The Government also wanted to review the limits for new drivers. The compulsory driving years are now three before being able to get behind the wheel of powerful cars.

We are talking about endothermic cars with specific power greater than 55 kW per ton and/or with maximum power equal to or greater than 70 kW . In the case of hybrid or electric models, the specific power rises to 65 kW per ton.

If a minor is found driving a vehicle without a license and drunk or drugged, he will have to wait until 24 years of age to obtain a driving licence.

Restricted use of scooters

For private ones it will be Insurance and an identification number, a sort of license plate, are required. Helmets become mandatory for everyone and not just for minors, even for those who use shared scooters. It is also forbidden to drive on extra-urban roads with speed limits above 50 km/h. Also stop scooters on sidewalks and pedestrian areas. Anyone traveling without a permit or insurance will have to pay a fine between 100 and 400 euros. A fine of 200 to 800 euros will also apply to anyone who rides a scooter without indicators and brakes on both wheels. Penalties also apply to those who develop scooters.

Remote checks

Thanks to the revision of the highway code, it will be it is possible to “challenge through remote checks the violation of the obligation to give priority to pedestrians and cyclists at crossings; as well as violation of the prohibition on stopping and reserved parking, only in cases where the spaces reserved for traffic police bodies, firefighters and emergency services, pink spaces and spaces reserved for disabled people, electric vehicles, loading/unloading are occupied of goods and public transport services.”

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