Expensive fuel, petrol over 2 euros at the self service. A mini bonus is being studied


The prices of petrol and diesel continue to rise and, for this reason, the Government is evaluating the possibility to introduce a small bonus to lighten the impact of high fuel costs. However, this would be a limited intervention given that public accounts do not offer much room for maneuver.

In particular, the Government is reportedly studying a mini bonus of 80 euros but only for families less well-off. The bonus would be paid, more specifically, on the 382.5 euro social card “dedicated to you” and reserved for families of at least three members and with an ISEE of up to a maximum of 15 thousand euros (1.3 million families).

This benefit is unlikely to be discussed. in the Council of Ministers scheduled for today. More However, it is likely that it will be discussed at the end of the month given that the Government has several deadlines of September 30th to extend. All that remains, therefore, is to wait for the Government's moves. Excluded, however, the possibility of a new cut in excise duties.


Meanwhile, a full tank of fuel costs more and more, weighing more and more on families' pockets. The average ofpetrol in mode self serviceis has now reached exceeding 2 euros per litre, while the diesel is to the highs of 2023. All this despite the drop in the prices of refined products. For petrol we are at the highest levels since 15 July 2022 even though at the time the excise duty cut was in force (without this measure the price would have exceeded 2.3 euros per litre).

Moving further in ; in detail, these are the average prices charged communicated by the managers to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy and processed by Staffetta Quotidiana.

Petrol in fuel mode self service reaches an average of 2.003 euros/litre (+11 thousandths, companies 2.010, white pumps 1.988), while self service diesel rises to 1.938 euros/litre (+20 thousandths, companies 1.946, white pumps 1.921). Instead, in the served petrol reaches 2.136 euros/litre (+12 thousandths, companies 2.180, white pumps 2.047), with diesel served at 2.071 euros/litre (+19 thousandths, companies 2.116, white pumps 1.980). We then move on to LPG served at 0.712 euros/litre (+2 thousandths, companies 0.721, white pumps 0.701). Then we have methane served at 1.396 euros/kg (+1 thousandth, companies 1.402, white pumps 1.391) and LNG 1.265 euros/kg (+1 thousandth, companies 1.265 euros/kg, white pumps 1.265 euros/kg).

As regards motorways, self-service petrol at 2.075 euros/litre (served 2.317), self-service diesel at 2.018 euros/litre (served 2.269), LPG at 0.852 euros/litre , methane at 1.521 euros/kg and LNG at 1.277 euros/kg.

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