BMW M3, the next generation will be? also electric. Debut in 2027


A 100% electric BMW M3? Until recently it might have seemed impossible. Instead, the German car manufacturer has confirmed that the next generation of the sports car will be also electric. Specifically, what is speaking is was Frank Weber, head of BMW product development, during a press event dedicated to the presentation of the new BMW i5 in Portugal.

The debut of the battery-powered sports car, apparently, is expected in 2027. In any case, the electric modelwill not work. to replace the endothermic onewhich will continue to be proposed. The petrol model will have of an engine that is an evolution of the current one, developed to be compatible with the new Euro 7 regulation. Weber explains:

We won't have two different classes: there will be the coexistence of solutions on the market, which is necessary.


The next electric sports car from BMW will be based on the new Neue Klasse platform created expressly for electric cars. As we know, the first battery-powered models equipped with this platform will arrive in 2025. Furthermore, in the past it was reported that the new platform is capable of hosting up to 4 electric motors and managing powers of up to 1,000 kW.

Obviously, Webber didn't want to say anything specific about the powertrain of the future electric BMW M3. Clearly, the German brand will not focus on only on power but will continue to work to offer customers the best possible driving experience. Webber then added that on the future electric M3, the lack of the sound of the internal combustion engine will be compensated by the performance, describing the car as “incredible”.

So, it seems that the future new electric BMW M3 will be capable of offering very high performance and making driving fun for all those who are lucky enough to be able to drive it. However, there is still a long way to go until 2027 and therefore new details will certainly arrive over the next few months which will allow us to better understand the direction taken by the German brand on the development of its battery-powered sports car.

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