Amazon Prime Video arrives on Polestar 2 and Volvos


Modern cars, we know, have a lot of technology, offering users multiple digital services. After all, more and more we often talk about computers on 4 wheels. Among the services that car manufacturers are starting to offer to their customers there are also those dedicated to entertainment.

Precisely in this regard, both Polestar strong> and both Volvo have announced some new features concerning their cars equipped with the Android Automotive operating system.


In June, Polestar announced the integration of the YouTube application into the Polestar 2 infotainment system. Through an OTA update, the automaker had introduced the availability of of this application. Now, Polestar has made it known that through the Play Store it will be It is possible to download the new Prime Video app directly to the car.

The same application will be available on some Volvo models equipped with the Android Automotive platform. YouTube will also arrive very soon on Volvos, but through an OTA update.

Thanks to these innovations, the Polestar and Volvo models offer the possibility people to be able to enjoy streaming video content directly from the infotainment system screen. Obviously, for safety reasons, the videos can only be viewed with the car parked. For electric users, it is also an interesting option that can be used when stopping for charging.

The partnership between the Volvo Group and Google has lasted for some time and has allowed the evolution of infotainment systems present on the most recent cars of the Group. More features coming soon and new apps that will allow us to offer new digital services to users. All these new features will obviously be available immediately on the new models that the brands will launch on the market.

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