Xiaomi: Modena the name of the first electric car, arrives with the Xiaomi 14 | Rumor


It is said that Xiaomi will present of her the of her before her electric car in the same event from which she will come the next top-of-the-range series is out, Xiaomi 14. If the rumor circulating online was accurate, the car would not be far from its first appearance: the company would be in a hurry to close the Xiaomi 13 chapter and open the Xiaomi 14 one because the former are said to have exceeded expectations in terms of customer satisfaction and stocks are almost at finished, so the Xiaomi 14 and consequently the electric car would arrive sooner than expected.

According to last week's indiscretion, the launch event of the Xiaomi 14 would be set for svery first days of November, however before Double Eleven, a term used for November 11th (11/11) which in China is shopping day. Xiaomi's electric car, wanting to take the rumor of the last few hours at face value, coming from industry sources who preferred to remain anonymous, therefore seems to be very close to its first appearance. In China there have been more There are persistent rumors that the name of the first electric car Xiaomi was inspired by Italy: it would be called Modena.

At the moment Xiaomi would be concentrated on the production of the first prototypes, the Beijing factory would be on a production rate of around 50 units. per week, some of which would already be were caught conducting road tests even if with the heavy camouflage you see above, which represents the practice in these cases. According to the source, the second and final approval for series production, which must come from the Chinese Ministry of Transport, MIIT, is expected in a month or two. However, approval or not, for the start of mass production there is there is still time: it is said that it will not begin before the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.

This does not imply that the rumors of a presentation together with the Xiaomi 14 are inaccurate. The company could anticipate different aspects of the Modena or even reveal it completely, and postpone any discussion related to marketing to the future. Many have done it, the case of Tesla's Cybertruck is probably the most emblematic of all, given that for Xiaomi's Modena, if the rumors were founded and series production started at the beginning of 2024, they would be decidedly more short. In short, at the moment it is not possible exclude nothing.


Xiaomi's electric car, which we will call Modena while waiting for confirmations or denials out of sympathy, according to previous rumors it should offer a long range variant with battery lithium (NMC, nickel, cobalt and manganese) from 101 kWh which could offer an autonomy of 800 km (in the Chinese CLTC cycle, more benevolent than our WLTP): the capacity, according to rumors, it would be 139 amps, the voltage would reach 726.7 volts. The price to pay for such a powerful battery would be in weight, 642 kg, but the density is energy of 157 watt hours per kilogram is average. Simply, a lot of autonomy comes at a cost.

The car on the other hand shouldn't cost a lot, at least in China: Xiaomi would have in mind a starting price of 200 thousand yuan, which at the current exchange rate is equivalent to around 25,500 euros.

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