Official Navee S65C: comfortable, powerful and with great autonomy | PRICE


Navee presented the S65C electric scooter, the new reference model in the range. When designing the S65C it was Both the technical equipment and the aesthetic part were taken into consideration:

The S65C is Every detail has been taken care of to best represent the style and refinement of the Italian dolce vita – explains Navee. Its elegant and refined aesthetic, in fact, is a clear reference to the history of Italian design, thus creating a new and high standard for electric scooters in terms of functionality and elegance.


Navee S65C is a product recognizable from the first glance, thanks to the front system with linkages that dampen disconnections and irregularities encountered along the way. A similar system is applied to the rear wheel, it is just less noticeable. An element that stands out from the technical data sheet is the engine, capable of expressing a peak power of 900 watts which are the secret behind the maximum inclination value that can be overcome uphill by 22%.

Here are the Navee S65C main features:

  • advanced double shock absorbing system, with front and rear suspension; the company ensures "comfort and stabilityà incomparable on any terrain”
  • 900 watt maximum power motor; the scooter, the company assures, respects the limits imposed by the law for circulation on roads open to traffic, for which the nominal power continues (the parameter imposed by the Highway Code to define whether it can circulate on public areas ) is less than 500 watts
  • autonomy of up to 65 km, a value possible thanks to the high-capacity battery. (36 volts and 15 Ah, 540 Wh) and the "advanced" kinetic energy recovery system during deceleration and braking
  • 10-inch tubeless tires with anti-puncture system; they are tubeless and contain inside a layer of a special gelatinous material which is behind the self-repair technology in the event that an object punctures the surface of the tire
  • handlebar with< strong> integrated direction indicators and mechanical brakes at the front and rear, increase safety and allow compliance with the recent provisions of the CdS
  • displayallows you to monitor essential driving parameters while driving; allows you to switch between modes to the other, display the speed to which you are travelling, check for any errors and monitor the remaining battery charge
  • IP55 resistance, allows you to return home or continue your journey to the office even in case of sudden downpours
  • dimensions: 123 x 53 x 56.4 cm
  • weight: 27.2 kg, a little more higher than average due to high-capacity batteries and suspensions, which add comfort but also weight.


Navee S65C is already availablefor purchase on the Italian market. On ePrice it is currently on promotion at 699.90 euros, while it should also soon reach the Unieuro and Amazon websites at the recommended price of 899.90 euros.


During IFA we were able to sit down with Álvaro Galán, Head of Global Marketing at Navee, to have a chat about the products that company led to the Berlin event but also on the plans for the future.

How do you present yourself at IFA 2023?We are at IFA for the first time and this is a sign of our commitment to consolidate Navee's presence in Europe. We have brought our entire line up of products, from the entry level of the V series (we tried the V40 just a few months ago) up to our top of the range of the S Series, passing through the N series which has some interesting features such as tires designed to be used even on rougher surfaces. bumpy. The electric scooter market seems quite saturated, what are you doing to better compete within it? For the future we are thinking of a new suspension system borrowed from the world of trucks, which will allow us to to lower the costs of dual-suspension products and bring this feature also to higher-end models. low. By 2025 the majority of our portfolio will be equipped with this solution.How did it happen? Has your business evolved over the years?In the past, when the first electric scooters arrived on the market, the public saw them as toys, curious products to experiment with. Today for many of our customers they are means of getting around the city on a daily basis, there is the propensity to spend more; but expectations have also grown a lot with features like the double suspension we talked about before, which is becoming more and more an essential feature. But what about the software? The evolution of the software that accompanies these products will more and more from security and therefore unlocking (and locking) systems via NFC or Bluetooth, but also passwords or codes to be typed directly on the scooter screen. What do you expect for the near future of your sector? The average expense depends from country to country, but in general it now stands between 400 and 600 euros, a significant increase compared to three years ago when it was around 200 euros. Of course, the growth of past years has slowed down, it was physiological, but we have very positive expectations for 2024: the new regulations that have made the last few months complex in various countries will have been digested by the public and many will want or have to change their vehicle, therefore we think we can do well. Small and super powerful? Apple iPhone 14 Pro, buy it at the best price from eBay at 999 euros.