Electric car travels 2573km on a single charge: ? world record!


2,573.79 kilometers on a single charge: it is this is the new world record of autonomy for an electric car, a modified version of the muc022 developed by the Technical University of Munich and already previously used in competitions for efficient electric cars. Is not serious; It was a speed race – the Rimac Nevera at the Nürburgring took care of this – but rather a marathon that lasted six days in a hangar at the city’s airport. Bavarian inside whichthe vehicle ran with a battery with a nominal power of 15.5kWh.

“The students focused above all on well-studied aerodynamics and lightweight construction”, we read in the press release. The previous record of 1,608.54 kilometers is literally swept away, overtaken by just under 1,000 kilometres. The modified muc022 took 99 hours to cover the entire distance while consuming just 0.6kWh/100km. Consider that the most electric cars efficient ones do not fall below 13kWh/100km.

muc022 integrates a permanent magnet synchronous motor with 400 watt output.

Countless hours of work, in addition to our studies, were dedicated to preparing the record. This makes us even more happy to hold the world record. Muc022 already had achieved success in several competitions, this is the crowning achievement.

It already exists. a more detailed prototype updated: it's called muc023, and it is weighs just 65kg, 9 less than the muc022. É However, the latter was preferred to break the record: to do so, however, it was made it necessary to replace the standard battery with a larger one. great. The weight of the car is so went from 75 to 170kg.

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