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The electric FIAT 600 appears in a first official video


The electric FIAT 600 continues to be talked about. The new electric B-SUV is the new electric B-SUV. appeared for the first time in an official video of the car manufacturer. Video which, however, does not strictly concern the car. In the video, FIAT says that it will support the the World Meeting on Fraternity Human "Not Alone" organized by the Vatican Foundation "Fratelli Tutti" which will be held in St. Peter's Square in Rome on June 10.

Precisely for this reason, he has created a video with which he wants to spread the messages of openness and inclusion towards other cultures, the same ones he shares as a global brand. Inside the video it is presents the new electric FIAT 600, also called FIAT 600e. In addition to being able to see once again the appearance of the B-SUV, in this case in white, we can also observe for a few moments the dashboard of which we had seen a very first preview thanks to some Stories shared on Instagram by the FIAT CEO Olivier Francois.

The video is probably shot at the beginning of May. In fact, in those days some images of the white electric FIAT 600 were leaked on the net during the recording of an advertising spot in Rome.


In recent days, other images of the new electric B-SUV had circulated. For example, the electric FIAT 600 is; was intercepted in the city center; of Lecce to shoot another commercial in view of his forthcoming debut. Images of several FIAT 600s on a car transporter were also shared on the Autopareri forum.

By now, the new B-SUV from FIAT has almost no more; secrets. We already know about design; all thanks to the photos that have surfaced over the past few weeks. The video shared by FIAT allows you to see the shapes of the car even better without any type of camouflage.

As for the mechanics, already; we know that the B-SUV will be; closely related to the Jeep Avenger. This means that it should have a 115 kW (156 HP) electric motor with 260 Nm of torque, powered by a 54 kWh battery (51 kWh usable) which will allow the vehicle to be used in the future. an autonomy of around 400 km according to the WLTP cycle.

At the time of the presentation, we will be able to understand if there will be an autonomy. also an endothermic version, perhaps for some markets such as the Italian one. The FIAT 600 will be; produced in Tychy, Poland, in the same plant where the Jeep Avenger is built. When will it be? officially presented the new FIAT 600? There is no date yet. but there has long been speculation that the launch event could be held on July 4, a special anniversary for the automaker. On that day, in fact, the first 500 was presented in 1957 and the new 500 was unveiled in 2007.

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