Volkswagen Golf, the restyling is coming: what if it were so?


Volkswagen is working on the Golf restylingwhose debut is; expected in 2024. An important update not only because; will give a refresh to the look of the car to continue to make it competitive on the market but also because; it will probably be the latest for the internal combustion engine Golf. In fact, the automaker already has a number of developments. let it be known that the next generation will be; electric.

However, the future new electric Golf is still several years away. In the meantime, next year will debut in & agrave; the restyling. Spy photos of the new model have already been released. started circulating. Starting from these shots and some indiscretions, the colleagues created a render that tries to imagine the final forms of the facelift.


Externally, no major changes are to be expected. Volkswagen will go above all to touch up the front of the Golf with the introduction of new headlights and some changes to the bumper. Behind, however, & egrave; possible that optical groups will arrive with a new graphic. The shape of the rear bumper could also be slightly modified.

If the design will not suffer; big upheavals, inside the passenger compartment there will be a more comprehensive update. full-bodied, especially on the technology front. The bridge, in fact, will be; magazine and in the center we will find a large cantilevered display dedicated to the infotainment system which can be used as a display. count on a renewed software platform. There should also be new upholstery for the interior as well as new colors for the bodywork.

On the engine front, however, there is still no precise information, but since it is a facelift, there shouldn't be any particular news. Therefore, there will be both petrol and diesel versions, even Mild Hybrids. A price list will remain; also the Plug-in that could receive a battery of greater capacity; to allow greater autonomy in mode; electric only. Since there are still several months to go before the presentation of the facelift, all that remains is to wait for the arrival of further information.

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