Tesla Model 3, new spy photos show the restyling on the road


The launch of the restyling of the Tesla Model 3 is approaching. As we know, the American automaker has been carrying out the development work of a renewed version of its electric sedan for some time, which would be internally called “Project Highlands“.< /p>

Some recent reports were even stating that the new Model 3 would be unveiled during Elon Musk's visit to the Shanghai Gigafactory which is now being held. happened a few days ago. Presentation which, however, is not; happened.

Now, a new facelift forklift is available. been intercepted in California during the classic road tests and the new spy photosallow us to notice some interesting details. The vehicle featured in these shots still has canvas covering the front and rear of the car confirming that these will be the areas of the Model 3 where the biggest innovations will arrive. of design.

Looking closely at the photos one can Note that there are cameras that are part of the Hardware 4.0 packagewhich, therefore, will be; proposed from the outset on the restyling of the Model 3. We recall that the new computer that manages the driver assistance systems with which the American manufacturer's electric cars are equipped has recently made its debut on the Model Y after being was introduced on the new Model S and Model X. The Model 3 was still missing but more recently; parties stated that Hardware 4.0 would arrive with the upcoming restyling. Hypothesis that seems to be correct.

With the restyling, new light clusters should also be introduced, both inside and at the rear, as well as a touch-up to the look of the front. Therefore, the electric sedan of Elon Musk's company will soon receive a price tag. several novelties. A couple of months ago an image was also leaked that seemed to show the definitive aspect of the Model 3 facelift, at least as far as the front is concerned.

It’s not a reality. it is clear if there will also be news; as for the powertrains. For these details it will be necessary to wait for the official presentation of the facelift by Tesla.

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