Salvini: Speed ​​cameras, new rules soon. Scooters and bikes with helmets, license plates and arrows


The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini returns to talk about the reform of the highway code he is working on . The opportunity comes during a question time in the Chamber of Deputies in which the minister has also reiterated that the bill for road safety will be? shortly presented to the Chambers.

Salvini addressed various points including speed cameras, new rules for scooters, alcohol locks and more.


As regards speed cameras, Salvini reiterates a concept already expressed? past and what? which shouldn't be a hidden fee.

We are working why? are standardized at national level and are a utility tool? to save lives and are not only, in some situations, used to raise cash and replenish the municipal coffers. The problem encountered in administrative practices? that some of the devices used by the Municipalities are not approved, and require constant maintenance to maintain performance standards. With the aim of homogenizing the instrumentation used on the national territory? it is therefore essential to proceed with the equivalence of the approval and type-approval procedures of the speed detection systems. So, why is a single system recognized equally throughout Italy? an account ? place the? speed camera near? of schools, hospitals, particularly dangerous stretches, one thing? treacherously placing speed cameras that have nothing to do with road safety, but are a hidden tax on motorists and motorcyclists.

Still on the speed camera theme, Salvini adds how they intend to intervene.

As soon as the legislative change we are working on has been approved, have we already? Is the interministerial decree scheme ready with which speed detection devices and equipment will be found and approved? uniformly throughout Italy. The conditions will be defined for the installation and exercise of uniform control devices in all the Municipalities, with the definition of certain rules, fair and effective sanctions and the right to defense for citizens who cannot be instruments, but must be protagonists of the road safety.

As mentioned at the beginning, the minister didn't just talk about the new rules for speed cameras. In fact,? there will be? also a ad hoc package for those driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Furthermore, the aim is to introduce? the? compulsory? alcohol lock for those convicted of drink driving. It is a device to be installed in the car which prevents it from starting if the driver's alcohol level is ? above zero.

What's new? on the way also for micro-mobility?: helmet, license plate, arrows and compulsory insurance for scooters. From what emerges from his speech, it seems that even the bikes will have to comply with these requirements.

Finally, the package? also on the mobility? sweet, on two wheels, providing mandatory helmet, insurance, license plate and turn signal? on scooters and bicycles.

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