Polestar Home Delivery, the new car is delivered directly to your home


Polestar wants to improve the shopping experience of its customers and has launched the new service premium "Home Delivery" available from today June 7. As we know, Polestars can be purchased online. Now, the automaker wants to offer an opportunity for the car. further to its customers, offering them home deliveryof the purchased car. With this new service, Polestar intends to further enhance the customer.


Therefore, the car can be used in many different ways. be ordered online, choosing the place for delivery. Only at the end of the enrollment process will it be possible to register. It is possible to choose the desired delivery date between the two options proposed by the system. Alternatively it will be You can also request a specific date. The car, like a Polestar 2, will arrive at a later date. accompanied by a Polestar specialistwhich will illustrate to the customer all the functionalities; available and will provide to provide assistance in carrying out the initial configuration of the infotainment and the app.

It should be noted that the Polestar Specialist will remain the only assigned to the car. In this way it will become a a point of reference for the customer in case of problems. The car manufacturer guarantees that the car will arrive in time. with at least 45% of the battery remaining.

The automaker adds that, at the moment, Polestar's Home Delivery service is available on the market. available to customers residing within a 300km radius of a Handover Point. To date, Sicily, Calabria, Sardinia, Puglia and Basilicata are excluded in Italy. The home delivery foresees a cost of 399 euros. Polestar Home Delivery is also not available. available in the case of purchase through the rental formula.

For those who cannot; take advantage of the Home Delivery service, Polestar offers the possibility; to pick up the car in person at one of the six Polestar Handover Points in Italy. Furthermore, Italian customers will be able to count on 65 Polestar Service Points, which offer collection and delivery of the car at home during assistance interventions. Alexander Lutz, MD of Polestar Italia, commented:

Polestar's goal has always been that of offering a service that gives time and value to those who decide to buy one of our cars and not to take it away. The introduction of the Home Delivery service, after an immediate and transparent purchase process that can be carried out comfortably from home, allows you to easily select the most convenient date and address. convenient for delivery. But we wanted to offer much more. A dedicated Polestar specialist will provide the at the time of delivery all the information necessary for an initial efficient use of the car and will accompany the the customer through the first stages of configuration and will remain; available throughout his stay within the Polestar family. It is a premium package that we are sure will be available. appreciated by those who decide to buy a Polestar.

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