Mercedes-AMG GT Coup?, the facelift is coming. New spy photos


Mercedes is finalizing the development of the new AMG GT Coupé whose debut would be expected later this year. We are talking about a sports car closely related to the Mercedes-AMG SL. Now, a new coupé it is been intercepted on the road and & egrave; a new opportunity to be able to see more; up close to this car, even its interior.

The spy photos show a car still equipped with a camouflage, with films that hide the details of the design. However, the shots allow you to see up closethe front and rear of the new AMG GT Coupé. The proportions are very similar to those of the roadster even if the Coupé will be able to count on a more elegant look; aggressive with some small differences at the front with new air intakes.

The images also show the cockpit. Although the German manufacturer has partially covered the dashboard with cloths, the setting should be completely similar to that of the AMG SL. So, there will be the latest generation of the systemMBUX infotainment with large vertical touch display. The spy photos confirm once again that the Coupé will have of a cockpit with a 2+2 layout. The SL roadster, on the other hand, offers only two seats.

The yellow stickers with the writing Hybrid make it very clear that the car featured in the images has a Pug-in hybrid powertrain< /strong>. Indeed, we have known for some time that the new AMG GT Coupé will be also proposed with electrified motors. However, the presence of only two tailpipes would suggest that this is not the top-of-the-range version that should be equipped with the powertrain of the current Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance. a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 combined with an electric motor capable of delivering a total of 620 kW (843 HP). It is possible that in this case, however, under the hood there is a 6-cylinder Plug-in.

Obviously, we will discover all the precise technical characteristics of this car when Mercedes brings it to us. officially debuting. All that remains, therefore, is to wait for news; on the presentation of the new sports car.

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