Car incentives 2023, where are we? Funds for electrics and Plug-ins still ample


The new car incentives had been officially made available since January 10, 2023. For the current year, the Government had allocated a total of < strong>630 million euros, resources dedicated not only to cars but also to electric commercial vehicles and the world of two wheels.

As far as the car sector alone is concerned, we recall that the funds had been divided as follows:

  • 190 million for cars with emissions in the 0-20 g/km range of CO2 (electric)
  • 235 million for cars with emissions in the range of 21-60 g/km of CO2 (Plug-in hybrids)
  • 150 million for cars with emissions in the range of 61-135 g/km of CO2
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    Furthermore, 5% of the fund available for electric and plug-ins would have been used exclusively for purchases made by legal entities for commercial activities. of commercial or rental car sharing.

    Instead, the incentive scheme is more effective. the following:

    • Cars 0-20 g/km of CO2 (up to 35,000 euros + VAT): 3,000 euros without scrapping – 5,000 euros with scrapping
    • Cars 21-60 g/km of CO2 (up to 45,000 euros + VAT): 2,000 euros without scrapping – 4,000 euros with scrapping
    • Cars 61-135 g/km of CO2 (up to 35,000 euros + VAT): 2,000 euros with scrapping

    So, now we're almost halfway there. year and what stage are we at with national incentives?


    As we know, the fund is available for cars that fall within the range 61-135 g/km of CO2 it is sold out quickly. There is it took about a month to finish the resources made available by the Government to facilitate the purchase of these vehicles.

    Very different speech for the funds dedicated to electric and Plug-ins. At the time of writing, there are still over 150 million euros available for the incentives dedicated to electric vehicles. For Plug-in hybrids, on the other hand, the residual fund is of almost 211 million euros.

    How can you see, compared to the initial figure, the resources have been exploited in a reduced way. At this rate, not all of the available funds will be used.

    < strong>On the scarce use of incentives for electric and Plug-ins there was discussed a lot and various trade associations have long been asking the Government for an intervention to change the structure of these bonuses to allow you to really exploit them. Changes, which, however, never arrived despite some generic promises of intervention, also relating to a possible refinancing of the fund for cars that fall within the 61-135 g/km range of CO2.

    For For example, UNRAE is asking, among other things, for the ceiling on the price of electric cars to be raised in order to access the Ecobonus, which is considered too low today, as well as the inclusion of all legal persons with full amount bonuses. Also Anfiamore Sometimes he called for a revision of the incentives to support the growth of the electric car market.

    Pure Motus-E has done more; Sometimes you hear his voice asking for changes to the incentives to make Italy recover the delay accumulated against the main European countries. In fact, with reference to the data for the first quarter, the comparison with Europe continues to show Italy decidedly behind countries such as France, Germany and the United Kingdom, where the market share of electric cars stands respectively at 14.8 %, 14.3% and 15.4%. In Italy, in the first 5 months, the market share of electric cars was; just 3.8%.

    Precisely for this reason, Francesco Naso, general secretary of Motus-E, hopes that the incentive and tax policies dedicated to electricity for individuals will be reviewed and fleets.

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