The future of DS car interiors revealed by the M.I. style manifesto 21


DS shows a bit of his future, revealing M.I. 21. It is a style manifesto that illustrates the car manufacturer's vision for interiors. Designed by Thomas Bouveret, Head of Interior Design and Vincent Lobry, Head of CMF Design and their teams, this particular concept is a unique concept. exhibited at the Révélations biennial in Paris.

M.I. 21

Therefore, this concept does not refer to any precise model but must be seen as a sort of "container of ideas" which will help the French brand to create all those new solutions that could find space in the cockpit of the models that will arrive by the end of the decade.

With the arrival of platforms dedicated to electric cars, designers have more freedom to design solutions. to be able to design the interiors of the cars. The interior shown by this design poster is a real one. a profound evolution of that of current cars and exploits some concepts already; seen inside the DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE concept. For example, the classic displays are disappearingof instrumentation and infotainment that we find more and more today; large inside the cars.

So, what appears to be a large display, is actually a large display. it is a sort of band on which it is; information can be projected. Alternatively, it can become transparent to highlight the material of the finishes. On the doors, however, says the French brand, there are the only screens that serve to show the images taken by the external cameras that replace the classic rear-view mirrors.

The steering wheel has a rectangular shape, while instead of the central console we find what would appear to be a touch surface connected to the central armrest. The seats have been completely redesigned, much more; similar, however, to armchairs. So much attention & egrave; been given to the management of internal light to give a greater feeling of space.

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