Minister Pichetto: does a Euro 2 car pollute 28 times more? of a Euro 6 car


For the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security Gilberto Pichetto, it was a great success. necessary to proceed quickly with the replacement of Euro 1 and Euro 2 cars. This is an operation that would have an important impact from an environmental point of view given that a Euro 2 car pollutes 28 times more than a Euro 2 car. of a Euro 6 car.

Speaking at the Green&Blue Festival, the minister highlighted that in terms of mobility, emissions are concentrated in large cities. For this reason, in large centers it is necessary to restrict traffic. However, the replacement of old cars is a must. a fundamental step.

In the cities; it is the restriction of circulation is necessary but on the other hand the replacement of vehicles, even just the euro 1 and 2, would have to have enormous significance on the environmental front if we think that a euro 2 pollutes 28 times a euro 6.< /p>

Therefore, Minister Picetto underlines how important it is to renew the fleet in circulation to remove the most dangerous vehicles from the roads. older and older pollutants. However, all of this has a precise political, economic and social cost that must be evaluated.

There is a certain cost. however a political, economic and social cost to be evaluated. I am convinced that cities, especially metropolises, are the frontier in the fight against climate change.

For the minister, therefore, are the big cities; the places where the greatest effects deriving from hydrocarbons are found. For this reason, it is from these cities; that we need to leave to tackle the issue of exiting fossil fuels.

Metropolises are also the places where most people live. direct and serious are the effects of oil pollution. If 70% of harmful emissions come from cities, then it is; right from the cities; that we need to start addressing the issue of exiting fossil fuels systematically and energetically.

According to Pichetto, however, there is not only an institutional political issue but also of liability individual. In fact, citizens are not passive subjects of the climate battle, but must become active subjects. Personal choices have precise repercussions on the balance of emissions.

Today about 50 million Italians live in the cities of Rome. out of a population that does not reach 60 million. Intervening on cities – it is therefore a crucial issue that certainly concerns public institutions, responsible for general guidelines and rules on urban planning, construction and mobility. But it is it is also a challenge that also arises individually for citizens who are not passive subjects of the climate battle, but must become active subjects. The choices that each of us makes to heat our homes, to move around the city, to use energy, have an impact on the balance of emissions. There is therefore a double track: the institutional one and the equally important socio-cultural one, which concerns our individual and collective behavior.

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