Enel X Way and Conad: agreement for electricity deliveries in Rome and Palermo


Enel X Way and Conad have decided to collaborate within a logistics project. In fact, in Rome and Palermo deliveries to the points of sale will be made by 100% electric vehicles. More specifically, these vehicles will be used to deliver products from the distribution centers of the Conad Nord Ovest and PAC 2000A Cooperatives to the 16 points of sale in Rome and Palermo.

These 100% electric delivery vehicles they will travel around 450-500 km every day and will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions from the transport sector. In fact, this project is part of Conad's commitment to have increasingly efficient logistics. sustainable.


The project will not stop; only in Rome and Palermo. In fact, the use of electric vehicles for deliveries will be much more widespread. extended in the coming months also in the cities of Rome. of Turin and Florence. The collaboration also involves Enel X Way installing fast charging infrastructure dedicated to these delivery vehicles.

Is not serious; the first time that the two companies have joined forces. collaborate in the field of mobility; electric. In fact, thanks to the partnership with Enel X Way, Conad has installed 500 charging points for public use throughout the country. Therefore, large-scale distribution is becoming more and more popular. to the use of electric vehicles for its logistics services. Andrea Mantelli, Conad's Supply Chain Director, commented:

We at Conad have always been in favor of modern and efficient logistics that have sustainability as its reference compass. corporate. The delivery project with modalities 100% electric represents a further step forward for our sustainability strategy. environment allowing the optimization of energy expenditure, with a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. Fundamental to the realization of the initiative is the was the support of the Cooperatives, who worked hard to make it possible. Thanks to their commitment, Conad will be able to participate in the project. able to provide a faster delivery service. sustainable and respectful of the environment.

Riccardo Cassetta, Head of Private Customer Sales at Enel X Way Italia, added:

The goal of Enel X Way is to support partners towards a transition to mobility; simple and fast, offering the best solutions available on the market. With Conad we have started a path of sustainability; in 2017 which we continue today by proposing ultra-fast charging infrastructures dedicated to medium and long-range logistics for the city; of Rome and soon Turin and Florence. The first with 150 kW is the first one with 150 kW; already was installed at the Fiano Romano headquarters, allowing one of Conad's Full-Electric delivery vehicles to be recharged which, during the time of loading and unloading goods, will be able to; fill up with energy to continue the journey with zero emissions.

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