Toyota Prius, here is the concept that celebrates the 24 Hours of Le Mans


Toyota has unveiled the "Prius 24h Le Mans Centennial GR Edition ". It's a concept car designed to pay homage to the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans whose centenary race will be held in 2016. in a few days. This particular car, which was anticipated a few days ago through a teaser, will be on display. exhibited at the Japan exhibition. Endless Discovery that is; was organized at Le Mans to celebrate the technologies that the Japanese brands have developed in the motorsport field.

Of this concept, the automaker has not provided many details. We know that it is based on the latest generation of the Toyota Prius, the "symbol" of the electrification of the Japanese manufacturer. In this regard, Toyota recalls that it has been perfecting the operation of its hybrid powertrains at Le Mans and other WEC races since 2012. The knowledge gained was then applied to production vehicles such as the Prius.

Toyota will continue to exploit motorsportto develop the technologies to be used to improve its production models. After all, we know well how the world of competitions is; a perfect laboratory for testing new technical solutions. Returning to the concept, the Japanese brand has developed a dedicated body kit which allows for a significant improvement in aerodynamics. In particular, the flaps on the sides of the bumper, the diffuser, the new side skirts and the rear wing stand out. All elements made of carbon fiber.

The roadway is been enlarged and the suspensions have also been revised. There are also new 18-inch wheels with a specific design to improve aerodynamics. The car uses 235/50R18 tyres. To improve visibility – night, an important detail in all endurance races such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the concept has additional headlights.

Nothing is; been said about mechanics. Therefore, we do not know if changes have been introduced to the hybrid powertrain of the new Prius. For the livery, Toyota took the lead. inspired by that of the GR010 HYBRID that races in the WEC.

It will arrive; a production version of this concept? Nothing is been said about it. However, the manufacturer is expanding the range of GR models and therefore it would not be strange that a Toyota GR Prius could also be introduced sooner or later.

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