Benedetto Vigna: Ferrari does not need to acquire other supercar manufacturers


Ferrari does not need to acquire other supercar manufacturers. Speaking at Bloomberg's Italy Capital Markets Forum, the Prancing Horse's CEO Benedetto Vigna closed the door to the notion raised by some analysts that the Italian capital market could be considered a capital market. company may decide to acquire a rival supercar manufacturer. For Vigna, such a move would make little sense for Ferrari.

I don't think it makes sense for us to buy other supercar manufacturers. When it comes to luxury, the key is maintain the DNA of the companies.

For the CEO of Ferrari, it is important to maintain the DNA of the companies. It's quite important to broaden your technology skills but this can be done in the future. do through partnerships.

For us it is; It is important to work to enrich the technological portfolio, and there are different ways to do it: by bringing in skills, or with partnerships. Ferrari is a high luxury company, in which technology plays an important role.

And looking to the future, Vigna could not fail to mention electrification. As we know, in 2025 Maranello will present; its first electric supercar. In this regard, the new e-Building should be ready in June 2024 where the electric motors, inverters and batteries for the hybrid and electric models will be designed, manufactured and assembled. Therefore, a very important structure for the future of the Prancing Horse.

Vigna also stated during the interview that he does not expect to see a decrease in margins with the arrival of the new electric models. By 2026, the offer of cars will be more and more. 40% linked to endothermic models and 60% to hybrid and electric cars. By 2030, however, the aim is to have an offer made up of 20% endothermic vehicles, 40% hybrids and 40% electric ones.

Finally, Vigna < strong>reaffirmed the importance of motorsport which is part of Ferrari's DNA.

Sports competitions have been, are and will be in Ferrari's DNA and are a sector in which we will continue to invest, because; we see many technologies that move from the races to the road.

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