BMW M3 Touring becomes even more? bad thanks to the work of G-Power


The BMW M3 Touring made its debut about a year ago. The sports station wagon, we recall, has the 3-litre twin-turbo in-line 6-cylinder of the M3 Competition sedan. Therefore, the car can be count on 510 HP with 650 Nm of torque. If the performance of the original model is not enough, the German tuner G-Power could have the right solution. In fact, he worked on the sports station wagon to make it much more sporty. fast.


The trainer is first of all, he intervened on the engine to significantly improve its performance thanks to a new software for the control unit and a series of further modifications including a new exhaust system. For the 3-litre twin-turbo 6-cylinder, the German tuner declares a power of even 720 HP with 850 Nm of torque. Truly impressive numbers, especially if you think of the 510 HP of the “original” engine.

However, G-Power lets it be known that the engine will be used in the future. also proposed in the 620 HP with 720 Nm and 670 HP with 800 Nm versions. According to G-Power, in the most powerful variant; performing, the BMW M3 Touring is; capable of exceeding speeds of 320 km/h; maximum speed and to subtract a few tenths from the time of 3.6 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h.

The tuner's work, however, was not completed; limited to the engine. In fact, G-Power has prepared a dedicated body kit for the BMW sports station wagon with carbon fiber elements. Forged wheels in 20-inch front and 21-inch rear are also offered. As for the interior, G-Power has introduced a new steering wheel and specific floor mats. However, customers will be able to draw from an extensive catalog of accessories to be able to customize their car as they see fit.

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