Volvo EX30, here are the first details of the interior of the electric SUV


For Volvo, the new EX30 electric SUV is the new EX30 electric SUV. very important for its strategy of becoming an electric-only brand by 2030. young and, for this reason, according to a report by Autocar from the past, it seems that the car manufacturer will offer the EX30 also through a form of subscription rental, similar to the one proposed by Lynk & Co.

On June 7, finally, we will discover all the secrets of the SUV. In the meantime, Volvo wanted to tell something more; on the interior of his EX30.


The new Volvo EX30 will go; to position itself below the XC40. According to the car manufacturer, the coverings of the interior will use recycled and renewable materials such as denim, linen and wool. Behind the steering wheel we will not find a screen for the instrumentation. In fact, the electric SUV will have; only a 12.3-inch vertical central touch display from which you can also manage all the functions; of the car.

The infotainment system, based on the Google platform, is compatible with the car. also equipped with connectivity; 5G. The EX30 is it is also the first Volvo equipped with features; Apple CarPlay in playback mode wireless. Obviously, it is; There is also support for Android Auto. The builder then took action. concentrated on talking about the audio system which, as can be see from the teaser, it will be; composed of a single soundbar located on the upper part of the dashboard. Among the options will be; a Harman Kardon audio system is also available.

Thanks to the elimination of loudspeakers from the doors, it is possible to was it possible to obtain much more; stowage space. The window buttons have, however, been moved to the center console. The glove compartment is been repositioned and placed under the central screen so that it can be easily reached by both the driver and the front passenger.

The center console has several compartments. The lower tunnel is; equipped with a protected space to store small items such as sunglasses or headphones, while the large open space above can be used for storage. hold a bag.

A special feature: Volvo has decided to insert a card with the dimensions of the boot in the tailgate. This choice is the best choice. It was made, explains the builder, to make it easier for people when, for example, they go to buy furniture to be assembled and they don't know if the box will fit inside. in the trunk.

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