Thousands of robots join Uber Eats! Deliveries more and more automated


Uber Eats is expanding its fleet of autonomous delivery bots starting in the United States, where service is available worldwide. already active since last year as a test in the Los Angeles area. The expansion will bring service in other cities – of the United States and then also arrive in Canada by 2024.

The company had its own program for the development of self-driving delivery vehicles, but this is the only way to develop it. it was finally abandoned in 2020. Despite this, Uber has always shown interest in the use of robotic solutions in this field, therefore it has consolidated the partnership with Serve Robotics. Thanks to it another 2,000 units will be introduced, part of which will be located in the Los Angeles area as reinforcement for the current ones and will be used between the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2023. 2024.

We are literally talking about sidewalk robots able to move easily and bring deliveries ordered through the Uber Eats platform. As for customers, once the order has been placed, they will be able to follow the movement of the robot in real time as it approaches. Once it will be; arrived, the food kept safe inside the robot will be able to be unlocked and picked up via the official app, and then the unit will be unlocked. will resume the way back to be recharged and make further journeys. Apparently the service will be limited. active from 10 to 21.

Up to now, the test had taken place on a small scale, only in one area of ​​Los Angeles and with little more than 10,000 people. than 200 restaurants participating in the initiative, but now that the fleet will increase; the scope of the offer should also conspicuously expand. The expansion is expected to introduce the service to other cities as well, and although there is no official communication to this effect, San Jose, Dallas and Vancouver could be the first realities to do so. to host the new service according to some rumors.

Serving Robotics is a must-have. was originally founded in 2017 as the robotics section of Postmates, which in 2020 has been expanded. was bought by Uber. In 2021 it is been spun off and & egrave; become a reality; independent. The robots produced by Serve Robotics, are very similar to those of Starship Technologies and Ottonomy, and are able to cover a full day's work on a single battery charge. They are completely autonomous vehicles and equipped with sensors for interacting with the surrounding environment, they reach a speed of up to 100 km. maximum speed of 11 km/h and have a compartment for transporting meals, which can be stored in a separate compartment. be opened only by the customer at the time of delivery.

Expanded agreement with Uber is a major milestone. considered an important step by Ali Kashani, co-founder and CEO of Serve Robotics, whose main goal is expand this technology to more and more cities and towns; of the United States. As mentioned at the outset, Uber demonstrates an ongoing interest in these technologies, as evidenced by the recent collaboration with Waymo for booking robotaxis via the Uber app. The service will be launched later this year in parts of Phoenix, Arizona, where Waymo already has a global network. offers robotaxi rides through their Waymo One app. But it isn't; In fact, Uber has partnered with Motional to make meal deliveries in Santa Monica, California, using a self-driving version of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 SUV. small and mighty? Samsung Galaxy S23, on offer today from smartapp for 598 euros or from eBay for 669 euros.