IONITY, new Passport subscription: 11.99 euros per month and 0.59 euros per kWh


IONITY has announced the new Passport subscription designed for all those who make a large use of its fast charging stations. As we know, to pay for energy supplies, there is a large amount of money available. a pay-per-use tariff at a cost of 0.79 euros per kWh. Until recently, IONITY also made available a subscription which, for a monthly fee of 17.99 euros per month, allowed you to top up at 0.35 euros per kWh. By the end of 2022, however, it was no longer possible. subscribable.

IONITY, in fact, had let it be known that a new subscription would arrive in 2023 which, now, is available for subscription. been made official.


E let's go in the details of the new IONITY Passport subscription. Compared to the previous version, the monthly fee drops to 11.99 euros. The cost per kWh, on the other hand, is of 0.59 euros per kWh, 20 cents less than the consumption rate. The new subscription will be the same. available from June 6th. The company highlights that "can; be canceled at any time with only one month's notice”. No minimum contract duration of 12 months as previously. Therefore, this also allows you to use the pass only in specific periods of the year, perhaps in the summer when you go on vacation and travel much more than usual. with your own electric car.

However, IONITY also adds that Passport is the only way to travel. convenient when more than one person is loaded in the month. of 60 kWh of energy. IONITY Passport can be easily subscribed through the IONITY smartphone application.


IONITY is continuing to expand its network across Europe. As far as Italy is concerned, the company is announced that it has inaugurated two new charging stations available to all customers traveling to southern Italy: IONITY San Benedetto del Tronto on the Adriatic route between Ancona and Pescara, and IONITY Naples Strawberry, near Naples, just outside the Autostrada del Sole tollbooth. Two 6-column charging stations with power up to 350 kW and CCS Combo 2 connector.

The IONITY stations active in Italy are the following:

  • IONITY Les Îles de Brissogne Nord: 6 columns
  • IONITY Rinovo Nord: 5 columns
  • IONITY Ceriale: 6 columns
  • li>

  • IONITY Brugnato West: 6 columns
  • IONITY Versilia East: 6 columns
  • IONITY Versilia West: 6 columns
  • IONITY Scarlino: 6 columns< /li>
  • IONITY Palermo: 2 columns
  • IONITY Agira: 4 columns
  • IONITY Gioia Tauro: 5 columns
  • IONITY Potenza: 4 columns
  • IONITY Battipaglia: 6 columns
  • IONITY Piacenza: 6 columns
  • IONITY Carpi: 6 columns
  • IONITY Forli: 6 columns
  • IONITY Binasco: 6 columns
  • IONITY Trento: 6 columns
  • IONITY Brennero: 6 columns
  • IONITY Monselice: 6 columns
  • IONITY Portogruaro: 6 columns
  • IONITY Montecchio Maggiore: 4 columns
  • IONITY Valdichiana: 4 columns
  • IONITY Roma Nord: 6 columns
  • IONITY Conegliano: 6 columns
  • IONITY Lecce: 6 columns
  • IONITY Chioggia: 6 columns
  • IONITY Affi: 18 columns
  • IONITY Cavagliá: 12 columns< /li>
  • IONITY San Benedetto del Tronto: 6 columns
  • IONITY Naples Afragola: 6 columns

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