Ford, Jim Farley: parity? of electric-thermal costs only after 2030


When discussing battery-powered vehicles, one of the recurring themes is: precisely their price, higher than that of endothermic cars. For some time, analysts and some managers of car manufacturers have been trying to hypothesize when electric cars will cost as much as those equipped with a combustion engine. According to some, this parity is true. of costs could arrive already; in a few years. On this debate there has been a discussion. now also Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, who seems to be less optimistic.

For the manager it will come “ per day when producing electric cars will cost $1000000. how much to build endothermic ones, with obvious benefits on list prices, but only after 2030. In short, it will be necessary to wait several more years; compared to what was predicted by some companies; research.


Speaking to investors, Farley said EVs will remain longer for many automakers, according to Reuters. expensive than internal combustion engines "until second and third generation models no longer enter production; forward during this decade.”

According to the manager of the house of the blue oval, between 2030 and 2035, most of the EV cost savings will come from what he terms a “significantly lower labor content.” As we well know, electric cars are more; simple to build compared to endothermic ones. They require fewer components and therefore less manpower to assemble. Additionally, according to Farley, further savings will come from using cheaper batteries. small, made with more materials; economic.

A greater use of online sales will also contribute to the reduction of expenses, which will allow distribution costs to decrease. In addition to all this, car manufacturers will be able to count on higher revenues that will come from the sale of digital services.

Farley said there are 600,000 subscribers to Ford's digital services, three times as many as a year ago. The manager added that as the company progresses, it will grow. will expand its ability to to collect data from vehicles and drivers, it could follow other automakers, including Tesla and General Motors, in offering insurance. The CEO then pointed the finger at the cooperation between car manufacturers to be able to face this phase of transformation of the auto sector.

Cooperation is essential. essential, especially for companies that may not have the resources to build a complete ecosystem for electric cars.

On the subject of cooperation, we cannot fail to mention Ford's agreement with Tesla that will allow “ to the electric cars of the blue oval house to be able to recharge at the Superchargers.

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