Car market Italy 2023, May closes with a growth of 23.1%


Another positive month for the Italian car market in 2023. According to UNRAE data, in May, in fact, 149,411 cars were registered against 121,349 in the same month of 2022. Therefore, we are talking about a growth of 23.1%. A result that is certainly important even if it must be highlighted that the month of May 2022 was particularly negative (decrease of 15.1%).

Looking at the results of the first 5 months of 2023 , 702,339 units were registered; against 557,031 in the period January-May 2022, equal to an increase of 26.1%.


On the front users, private individuals obtain a 53.5% share in May 2023. Instead, self-registrations reach 8.3%. The long-term rental which is available in May is good. came to represent over 1/4 of total registrations. The recovery of short-term rental continues, reaching 7.4% in the month. The companies they reach a 5.6% share.

Speaking of power supplies, the petrol engine reaches 28.6% of the market share, with diesel at 19.5%. LPG goes up to 8.4%, while methane stops at 0.1% in the month. BEV carsthey recovered slightly compared to the month of April, however stopping at 4.1%. PHEV models, on the other hand, get a share of 4.7%. Hybrid cars represent 34.7% of preferences, with 10.3% for “full” hybrid and 24.4% for the “mild” hybrid.

On the very slow growth of electric cars in Italy, UNRAEhighlights that interventions are needed on more than one fronts, starting from the fiscal one with the revision of the taxation on company cars for mixed use which play a central role in the diffusion of mobility; zero emissions. The President of UNRAE, Michele Crisci, comments:

The examination of the DDL Delegation for tax reform, which has entered the heart of the parliamentary debate, is a matter of course. the opportunity to reserve a fundamental role for the revision of taxation; of the car, as envisaged by the amendments proposed by UNRAE and presented by various deputies of the Finance Committee of the Chamber, whom we thank for having shared the urgency and opportunity, strongly hoping for a rapid and full approval.

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Furthermore, UNRAE emphasizes the need for having to make up for the delays accumulated in terms of charging infrastructure.

The deadline for the presentation of projects for the construction of public charging stations by operators expires on 9 June. an opportunity not to be missed, times are very tight, there are only 8 days left for the presentation of the projects and after their approval and the granting of funding, they will have to be completed in just 12 months. We hope that all stakeholders, public and private, will do everything necessary to make this provision operational.

On the subject of recharging, Crisci hopes that MIMIT has finally issued the rules for the purchase and installation of recharging columns by private individuals and condominiums.

Returning to the data for May 2023, on the Automotive Groups source, Stellantis closes the month of May with a growth of 3.99% (Alfa Romeo 2,677/+130.97%; Citroen 3,994/-23.06%; DS 1,031/+96.64%; Fiat 14,691/-24.82; Jeep 6,898/+21.27%; Lancia 4,701/+10.40%; Maserati 373/+176.30% ; Opel 4,450/-5.04%; Peugeot 10,678/+66.58%). The Volkswagen Group, on the other hand, achieved +9.86% (Audi 6,428/+44.64%; Cupra 1,548/-0.19%; Lamborghini 49/-20.97%; Seat 1,308/-26.23%; Skoda 3,013/+28.98%; Volkswagen 11,090/-0.40%). Then we have the Renault Group with a growth of 67.27% (Dacia 7,878/+71.93%; Renault 6,825/+62.19%).

[Data source: UNRAE]

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