The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is updated: new 130 HP engine and more? technology


Toyota has announced the Model Year 2024 of the Yaris. This is not a small update because ité the Japanese car manufacturer has decided to introduce several innovations; for this model. To see the Toyota Yaris MY24 on the roads you need to know what it is. wait, however, still some time. In fact, in the Italian dealerships, it will arrive; only during the first quarter of 2024. For the moment, there are still no details on the new price list.


The first novelty, the most; important, it is the introduction of a new Full Hybrid powertrain which will be offered in the Premiere Edition and GR SPORT trim levels. In addition to the Hybrid 115 engine which can always counting on a total power of 85 kW (116 HP), the Yaris will be able to; also have with the new Hybrid 130 powertrain of 96 kW (130 HP).

The Japanese car manufacturer did not share particular technical details, limiting itself to saying that the new powertrain has a more powerful electric motor. powerful and some changes to the components of the Power Control Unit (PCU). Thanks to this work, in addition to the increase in power, the maximum copy is increased. increase from 141 Nm to 185 Nm. Obviously, performance also improves. Starting from standstill, 100 km/h is reached in 9.2 seconds, while it takes 7.5 seconds to go from 80 to 120 km/h. The increase in power has led to a slight increase in emissions. Toyota declares a range of between 96 and 116 g/km of CO2.

As mentioned, this new powertrain will be available on the market. available in two trims. In particular, the Premiere Editon version is the best version of the Premiere Edition. all newand is positioned at the top of the Yaris range. The set-up will be Offered in a new two-tone Neptune Blue paint job with contrasting black roof and pillars. The blue is found in the contrasting stitching of the seat covers and in the inserts on the door and instrument panels. Also standard are the new 17-inch black wheels. The Premiere Edition will be; also available in two-tone Platinum Pearl White or Silver Metallic paint.


On the Toyota Yaris 2024 it will be; It is possible to have the digital instrumentation with 7 or 12.3 inch screen. The infotainment system, on the other hand, will be able to count on a 9 or 10.5 inch touch display, depending on the chosen set-up. With the 12.3-inch screen (standard on Premiere Edition and GR SPORT), digital instrument graphics can be customized. be customized through 4 different layouts (Smart, Casual, Sporty and Tough).

The infotainment system has also been renewed, offering a more user-friendly interface. intuitive and responsive and a cloud based navigation system. Also improved the voice commands. Obviously there is no lack of support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. On the Yaris MY24 it is; The smart digital key has also been made available. Connected to the MyT app, it allows up to five users to access the vehicle using their smartphone. The digital key on the MyT app is; standard on Premiere Edition and optional on GR SPORT.

Regarding safety, the automaker has introduced the new Toyota T-Mate packagewhich includes all the features of the software. previously proposed by the Toyota Safety Sense, adding new ones. The Yaris can; count on a new camera and a new radar capable of detecting even more objects; distant, both in depth; and both in breadth. For example, thanks to these improvements the Pre-Collision System (PCS) is now more efficient. now capable of recognizing a potential frontal impact and a wider range. wide range of objects and vehicles in the path of the car, including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. Also improved Intersection Collision Avoidance Support.

Among the innovations, the Acceleration Suppression which intervenes to mitigate sudden accelerations in the event of a risk of collision with a vehicle in front and the Proactive Driving Assist (PDA) which is used to reduce sudden accelerations. It has been designed to help avoid the risk of an accident when driving at low speeds. Among the new driver assistance systems there is also the new Emergency Driving Stop System (EDSS) which is; able to support the driver in the event of illness as much as Lane Trace Assist (LTA) is; active.

If the system detects that the driver has not taken any action while driving – steering, braking, acceleration – for a certain period of time, it will play; a warning. If the driver fails to react, the system will take over. the car to stop, it will activate the the hazard lights and will unlock the doors.

Thanks to OTA updates, Toyota Safety Sense and multimedia functions may be improved over time.

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