Minister Urso: a Stellantis-Government pact is needed for the Italian auto industry


At the inauguration of the new ACC battery factory in France, Italy was also represented by the Minister of businesses and made in Italy, Adolfo Urso. For the minister, this important appointment is an important one. It was an opportunity to speak directly with the top management of Stellantis to ask to start a comparison on the subject of car production in Italy.

I spoke with Carlos Tavares and with John Elkann about the possibility of this. to implement a transition agreement between Stellantis and the Italian government which commits the company and the executive to a common policy of support for the Italian automotive industry. I think this is necessary to reassure the workers of the Italian plants and the Italian citizens that the automotive industry has a significant future, starting with the gigafactory in Termoli.

From the words of the minister it seems that, among other things, a remodulation of the incentives could come, given that 80% of those disbursed in recent years have gone to cars produced abroad. The goal would be to stop the decline of Italian production.

We absolutely have to increase car production in Italy to respond to demand, perhaps stimulated, to support the transition to sustainable cars. All this must be done by defining a clear framework of an industrial policy: what the Italian government puts in place to support the development of the automotive industry, especially of new models and the most advanced technology; advanced, because it is we must stop the decline of Italian production, we must resume producing more; and better in Italy.

All that remains is to wait to understand what the concrete initiatives of the Government will be to support Italian automotive production.

The inauguration of the factory, for the minister, is a major event. It was also an opportunity to talk about some important topics including Euro 7 and the collaboration between Europe and the USA, in particular as regards the problems related to the IRA (Inflation reduction act).


The minister reiterated the absolute need to of a pragmatic industrial policy based on the principle of neutrality; technology.

On Euro 7, Italy and France together gave a strong halt; to the Commission.

In fact, we recall that Italy, France and other EU countries have sent a document to the Commission in which they expressed all their doubts and concerns about the new emissions legislation. Urso then reiterated that Europe must work with the United States, emphasizing that in his mission to Washington on Thursday; will solicit the American administration to guarantee equal conditions of access to the IRAto European companies that want to access the American automotive market.

We cannot re-propose the clash that took place in the United States. 25 years ago during the trade war on Boeing and Airbus. We cannot divide the West in the face of Russia's war in Ukraine. We must give the answer to China's systemic challenge together.

Finally, the minister highlighted the absolute need to that the European Commission propose a clear framework of procedural simplifications and significant common resources to truly achieve strategic autonomy in the field of critical raw materials that are used to make batteries electricity so as not to pass from dependence on fossil coal on Russia to dependence on China on critical raw materials necessary for green technology.

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