Great Wall: Germany, Hungary or the Czech Republic for the European factory


Chinese car manufacturers are increasingly looking to Europe with greater interest. After BYD which is looking for a site where it can open a factory for the production of cars destined for the Old Continent, Great Wall Motor also wants to set up a production plant in Europe. Xiangjun Meng, president of Great Wall Motor Europe, speaking with Automobilwoche, told something more about the motor industry. of this growth strategy.

We are currently looking into where and why; Asian automakers have set up their European sites.

According to what the manager added, currently the East Germany states would be a good choice thanks to the " good labor and energy costs'. However, the Chinese automaker is also looking in other directions. In fact, among the alternatives there would be the Hungary and the Czech Republic.


It's not; It is unclear whether Great Wall Motor intends to build a new manufacturing facility from scratch, or take over an existing factory. existing to adapt it to your needs. In this regard, Xiangjun Meng said that he has received purchase proposals for plants that some manufacturers intend to dismiss, interrupting production.

We remind you that the Chinese manufacturer is not a manufacturer. the first time it looks to Europe for the construction of a new production plant. Already; in the past he had tried to get his hands on the Nissan factory in Barcelona. An operation that ended in a stalemate given that the car manufacturer was unable to complete the project. to reach an agreement with the authorities; local.

This time, however, Great Wall Motor seems intent on not wanting to waste any more time given that European production could already start at the moment. in the coming years. All that remains, therefore, is to wait to understand what the future will be. the country chosen for the factory. At that point, more details will surely arrive on the Chinese car manufacturer's growth plan in Europe. In fact, Xiangjun Meng, while talking about the search for a site to open the factory, did not specify which models they want to build and for which of his brands.

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